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Starting with ourselves

Starting with ourselves

Today, Prime Minister Edi Rama said some words that stand, would even be better if he had distanced himself from the position of Chief of Police Veliu a week ago, and yet, what he says is that it is our great truth.

One of the most attacked people in the country, made of thread, is himself. Probably no politician has been attacked as much as Edi Rama, but he is the prime minister and this discussion does not continue.

He is right when he says that the victim is more and more walking the screens and the story always ends in a show, unfortunately! But it's not just the media and the network that are 'allure' from the interview phenomenon with the victim

As was the case, for example, the visit-interview, a year ago, by the Minister of State, Elisa Spiropali, in Kavaja, for ERTV, with the 13-year-old's grandfather who made a video for her classmates. I don’t know if today the boys are in reeducation or walking the city streets.

Who can forget the soap opera of the national televisions in the country on the occasion of Giselle, which severely clashed with the competition of my prime, etc., etc. There is no end to exaggeration in this area. Everyone has left a mark.

It is true that there was an attack on Minister Besa Shahini. They have also taken words out of context, but the truth is that Besa is a minister, she is judged as a functionary and there is no need for protection here. He reacted late and generally, but even if he had reacted early and brilliantly, he would still have been attacked. It is fashionable in the network not to accept anything good and to declare ourselves opposition, because that is how you look like a person with character.

There are plenty of parasites that give themselves an imaginary life on the net and trample and break ribs.

Even we journalists are not a powerful species, we find ourselves attacked and accused. Sometimes I didn't even know myself from the word of the rails in the comments, but I'm a journalist and this discussion doesn't continue!

At least I never went down without explaining myself first. Suffering is personal, it doesn't have to be professional.

Even the law provides for an article on "skin thickening" or patience for public figures, who intend to keep some comments and attacks more because of the public position.

It has never seemed right to me, but the law is always right! Therefore, today is not the time to find victims in front of the victim, to blame or defend ourselves. Today we must not comment, but support any initiative that will curb violence and abuse. Judgments should not be won only by the pet of power, but also by the man without a surname, that weakness, that anonymity. Punishment continues to be selective, and this is where half of this failure comes into play. Not only in Albania. Everywhere, the world is struggling. The Me Too Movement in America makes you think that misogyny, abuse are in the capillaries of the most civilized societies, guess what for us on this side. This is not the war or the failure of Besa, the prime minister, or the families of the victims. It's everyone's.

Then we come to the Word Revolution, which I read on Mirela Kumbaro's Instagram, while she was reposting her colleague's speech on a difficult day, Besa Shahini. Gesture!

The word never again has been so misused, so murderous, unbridled and unfaithful.

But this is not the day to talk about ourselves, because in terms of attacks we are all a revolution in our own right and we should not start from personal example, but from social interest. Today we need to talk about what we have to do to give a voice and protection to the victims, and to think about what is not yet a victim.

A well-educated, free-spirited society that keeps an eye on and does not ask for fame is what will make even the most patient attacks possible. Without starting from yourself it is not possible!