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Two words about Vjosa Berisha who had talent in life

Two words about Vjosa Berisha who had talent in life

By Mira Kazhani / Dear Vjosa, the news of your departure came to me as a kick that interrupted all my daily activities, even a principled debate on WhatsApp, from those nonsense of living people.

I met you right in the middle of the battle with the disease and the tears I held the day when you spoke loudly about the cancer that had invaded your body, I am shedding them for you today. I shyly wrote to you on Instagram if you would be willing to talk publicly about the fantastic way in which you are treating cancer, from the outfits and ignoring the wig. Vegan diet, fitness and continued work without interruption. With your laptop you just go to therapy and send and receive emails, watch movies. You live. I was surprised yesterday, but even today your talent to live life. It actually seems poetic, but not all of us live, just because we are alive.

Dear Vjosa, today I reposted our conversation on the video podcast made in Mars. I want them to look at you as much as possible. Get to know those who are probably hearing about you today for the first time in the news and headlines, through death. You are known only through life!

To see it: The brave you were with the disease and fragility with which you treated life, doing everything in its name. As you said that day, - "I do not drink alcohol like before, but I also really like cold water with lime" (green lemon).

I'm glad to meet you, as a person and as a journalist. Please find some peace there and some celebration!

I trust you!