25 Rreshtat e Mirës

I know the truth is there is no water, but an answer for whom I will still know

I know the truth is there is no water, but an answer for whom I will still know

Years ago in April I had an accident, which I could not even live as a normal person who has gone through a trauma and witnessed death for a moment. This, due to the 'merits' of attacks, insults, curses and lynchings well oriented by the party headquarters, of Facebook addresses, which were inspired by the lies of some politicians, who, heartless as they are, killed the boy alive. Nertil is like light today. We met in December and I was writing a book, I can tell how it felt. On the phone I save his picture, but even though I occasionally read curses about the ‘boy who died’, I refused to post it and my explanation. I know better than many others that the good news doesn’t work and attracts no one. I have been silent and my truth matters.

A year later, in April (the last day), the portals and the network were filled with the news of my work as a consultant at UKT.

I have read so much hatred and I am seeing how a part of politics brags about a salary within every rule and principle.

This policy that should kill the minds of the poor for abusers, for those who stay all day in cafes and Facebook and do not work, for secret tenders and for the homeland that is expiring, those who are many, not me.

Billions stolen, not whose salary does what they know.

It is a shame for the DP that instead of raising big issues, it consumes all its membership for a journalist who is also an advisor, just because she is positioned on the left. I am a committed journalist, this is no longer news. Counselor is the second time I work. I was also in the Berisha government in 2010.

Yes, I have a second job, because no law forbids me and as long as I have not violated any principle, if I could I would do three or four jobs. As much as I have the power, because my salary as a journalist is nowhere to be found and I can't afford to live like a woman living alone, without any support. Are you cursing me for working? Is this your seriousness? Why do I do two jobs? I would also advise Erion Velina, Lulzim Basha and Nard Ndoka, in order to pay the loan. I have never received a gift from any politician. No home, no San Siro match tickets, no vacation or even a pen. I have never received a gift of an oil coupon from any oligarch. No kacidhe!

I am never and will never be of these tricks and when I see how you insult me, when I see some who do the principle and sell morals on my picture, so many things appear to me that I know about them and that are poisoning you who are sincerely following them. .

What about this tax story? What taxes do you claim? For what you will pay for the next 30 years I believe ?!

As for me, I just ate my taxes and no one else’s! Look for your taxes on billions, wake up from the narcosis because today my turn tomorrow is unknown. I was a bone that doesn't hurt anyone. And usually these little envy rips the network apart, because like me we are in the majority and you compare to me more easily than to the Strong. Massacre those who work and applaud for those who steal from you!

In the end, two words about the network: The network is right, he and many of you are not to blame. The way this news was orchestrated, in order to cover the worries of the day, was perfect. Neither am I recognizing myself in this wave of hatred. It seems to me like my second salary, the water came, the water ran out, it’s the biggest problem of the country and I can give up if that fixes your life. But I will find another, two, three, because working is the only way I know!

Fall for those who work. Girls, boys, women, men who do not steal, but work. Aman, just beware of those who steal from you, misappropriate your property and deceive you from morning to evening. The army trusts those who "enlightened" this country and who want to think about who works, should be killed with bread in their mouths.

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