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Ennio Morricone or the antidote of this time

Ennio Morricone or the antidote of this time

I don’t claim to know exactly, maybe some 20-year-old even knows it. But I don’t believe there are 11-year-olds, graduates or mass teenagers, as the ’90s generation has been, connected to the music of the master of the century, their identity, a past that escapes from the beginning every time someone like Ennio dies, making us reflect.

Time flies and when outstanding people who have had a direct impact on your emotions escape (because maybe with a philosopher or physicist not everyone is connected, even with a writer, and music goes to everyone), you feel the weight of life, life that shrinks and shrinks, the past that becomes bigger than you, like a super-drawer of memories.

I have no memory, of course, of Ennio Morricone, nor photos like Laura Pausini, nor any love story related to his music, but perhaps like me, many others of my generation, we are bound by the dream. The music that accompanied the movie dinners or the Sundays of the VAT lunch movie. It is the music of our time, of a time when we were all good, naive, with passions and plans. Then when we remembered that we knew everything and it seems to me we knew them better then. New life is teaching us without ideals, without idols or with false idols. New life is forging us with the fire of pragmatism, everything at once. Because Ennio is of the time when we waited, we had schedules and patience. Especially, we had dreams. Maybe even thanks to the extraordinary music we listened to, not the fast-running commercials.

I know it's easy to become nostalgic and not appreciate the power of the present, which can produce Ennio on the computer thanks to algorithms, but still that love of that time can hardly come with man. I do not claim to know this more precisely, but the death of Ennio Morricone brings to mind a human simplicity, which only diminishes when people like Ennio die. Even the status of his death, which left him ready for post. A good idea for anyone would like to talk about their own death ( Click here). I don’t know if he had any doubts about the insanity of the online network or just a sincere desire to say goodbye to the names that surrounded his heart throughout his life.

Not for fatalism, but we are afraid to die in the times to come.

Life is losing a lot of passion and dreams, so today Morricone and his status are like a spear in the head of anyone who knew and grew up with the music of this great man, really.