25 Rreshtat e Mirës

Hey Silvia!

Hey Silvia!

Patricia Millardet died at a hospital in Italy yesterday, but we know her as Silvia Conti.

Who doesn't remember her hair style, her overcoat, her love for Commissar Katani, but more of these easy life details, who didn't like the way the Italian cinema gave a woman a few times in the fight against the mafia, the most powerful .

These days we count a lot of deaths on the portal and I feel how it has approached our lives, sometimes scaring us and looking for the thermometer to measure the temperature so in vain, and sometimes opening a nest like those birds in the trees to protect newborns. ; a nest of hope that one day we will know how to live better.

So in these days of death where no book can take us to the end, the death of Silvia Conti came as an exaggerated message.

I don't know why I didn't want to die from Covid-19! A sense of liberation was the fact that her personal destiny, her time, had taken over. At least the mythical actress just died, she was not taken hostage by the crown mafia.

The younger generation does not know her very well, but she has certainly heard this name in Albanian politics, when we often wanted to metaphorize some women of justice, we just wanted to, because Silvia was like that in the movie, the woman who needs to strength and fragility, never weakness.

I was in elementary school when I saw Silvia Conti, but I say that some movies and roles are such that they have the invisible but unimaginable power of influence to show you what you like to be in life, a Silvia or a Baywatch. . So today the death of Patrice Millardet is sad news that drips you to the chest and takes you back to the days when you thought life was like Piovra, only now without Silvia!

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