25 Rreshtat e Mirës

We are offended!

We are offended!

"All civilizations have come from destruction," is a famous saying that does not know the author, but resists the history of mankind.

These days when time is no longer a privilege but a punishment, we have seen more than we want movies, serials, documentaries, each to its own taste. But we have time to think!

During this time in isolation, even though we all say we're playing crazy, surprisingly people look more normal than before. Do you not feel that we are normalized by the waves that are supposed to be played by the fig tree? Maybe it's time for conclusions, but something striking.

People have become vulnerable, now that we don't. Everyone, from Hollywood stars to neighborhoods. We are equal among equals. Apart from being in pajamas and pajamas everywhere, with messy hair, social networks for the first time since their creation have served not only a role for the better, but also filmed and photographed the landing of mankind. At a high price, of course, where we often seem to kneel down rather than on the ground, we are offended, insulted and hurt by hiding us like ostriches under the sand at home. Dressing us funny, changing our millennial behavior since the Cognitive Revolution; of meeting, embracing, and associating the intimacy that man has with the living species of the planet, as a Homo-sapiens.

Yes, indeed, we are offended, even ashamed of witnessing a new format of life, even more so, of death. Who would have thought we could die like this! What is this kob ?! Not to touch the forefront and to honor dearly loved ones? It's low for man!

We are paying a outrageous price for returning to earth.

We had to be destroyed to rekindle a new flame. To reformat, to recover from the folly of not finding the exit password. We didn't even know we wanted to get out of there. The bigger the ego, the more we wanted to be part of its elite. Only desire and very little courtesy and gratitude for what seems to us the most beautiful thing in the world today: a coffee in the sun, without thinking about splashes! A seafood coffee to get iodine from our noses and not a mask that we don't know if we will remove it anymore, when will we remove it?

I have read dozens of notes of wise men and women, by Jacques Attali, Bill Gates, David Grossman, Romano Prodi, etc., etc., in search of hope give and answers. They all come together in one station: who says the most harshly, who most elegantly obeys: the world needed to be destroyed. The moment has come. The man was rushing towards everything 'reality show'. The man was dismantling the man.

Not far from yesterday I asked my granddaughter why she should post Kylie Jenner's baby on her Instagram.

Neither do we know it, nor do we know it ...

When she could very well post her favorite singer Billie Eilish (as I've noticed she does) or something else, it just might be things that belong to her. But, my mistake. The photo was yesterday!

And the blame we all have here. The billionaire rebuilt from head and foot plastic surgery and the family that has become rich with 'live' family hassles are the new dream model. Her dresses, nails, holidays, cars, vacations, lipstick and her powders are the biggest dream of the young, overwhelming part, that there is no exception!

And it is not easy not to worship, love the rich until yesterday or this kind of wealth and wealth that does not require much. A month ago you were rich was status.

(I believe it will still be different but now, or so hopefully)

The rich have the opportunity to take photos in fabulous places, eat well, dress well, have the best table in the club, be different from you, inaccessible. The rich yesterday had control of the world, your destiny, your salary, even your career and your dreams resembled their faces: horror!

Even the most personal ones were dedicated to their shade. All the time! Those up, we down!

But where are they now? Are Millions and Trillions Enough to Be Inaccessible? Apart from the fact that the big villas do not feel despair shall we? We don't know! One gets used to everything. Isolation remains isolation.

To understand:

- The desire for money cannot fall, not even with the economic crisis that will engulf the world, as is likely. Survival and developmental forms will be required. But the new rich will change before others. The status will be those who buy rivers, create rivers, evaporate salt water in the Sahara, buy and invest money in parks, research, studies, discoveries. More chemists, physicists, epidemiologists, doctors and scientists will be supported than singers and footballers. Life has never been so expensive and who better than the rich know the value of the lek!

"Always Worth This Optimistic Eye"!

The 2020 crisis has offended us so much that it has made us normal. How angry that there was no other way to heal ...

PS if we are healed and what we see is not transient.