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Corona, the disease that is most easily defeated by the rich and powerful

Corona, the disease that is most easily defeated by the rich and powerful

As for me, I have not yet passed Covid19. Even a serological test I did 10 days ago in a private clinic, no one got on the phone to give me an answer whether I had anti-corpe or not. I have called the clinic several times from the number on Google, but it always comes out busy. God knows if I have ever been asymptomatic, but I have not experienced symptoms in any case. If I have any signs in the near future, I believe that I will turn to the IPH, because the private sector also found it difficult to access.

In 10 months we have produced so many articles on tiranapost.al and we have extracted from this bad year more than answers, questions. And questions are not necessarily a failure. They help us find our truth along the way.

There have been many questions. From the insecurity of the New Normality, from the fear not only of the death that the crown brought, but especially of its lonely, terrible way, by no means a death to be. Do not repeat the comments and descriptions made by most writers and journalists these days.

Today an American article titled "Why the rich and powerful get anti-Covid treatments that are not approved for everyone" ( link here ) teased me with an opinion I had like a tram in my head: Is this pandemic a sign that the poor, the unknown, are more likely to die and suffer than the rich and famous? Is this pandemic the disease of the poor ?!

Boris Johnson is the typical case when he went to the grave and thanks to the NHS doctors, who mentioned after he left the hospital, today he is alive. This is because they kept the British Prime Minister on their head without interruption, knowing how to give him the right amount of oxygen, etc., etc.

Në asnjë vend të botës nuk mund të thotë dikush se ka burime njerëzore për ccdo të sëmurë, madje lockdown pati që në ditën e parë këtë qëllim e devizë: nuk ju mjekojmë të gjithëve njëkohësisht.

Pra, nëse dikush ka një shans më shumë, këta janë të pasurit që marrin çarterin, që kanë akses tek personalitete të mjekësisë dhe politikës, që kanë para për të paguar shërbime ekstra.

Realisht më duket se Covid19 është sëmundja e të gjithëve, të pasur e të varfër, të bardhë, verdhë, me ngjyrë, burra dhe gra, biznesmenë dhe roje. Është sëmundja e të gjithëve, por jo lufta e barabartë me të!

A poor person, a stranger, has a much harder time coping with the disease, from cure and treatment to access to hospitals abroad. In the end, both the rich and the poor can lose the battle, because even doctors have a limit, and money can not buy everything, but chances favor what is there and not what is not.

Therefore, let us hope that by accepting this painful fact we show caution and hope that we can throw away with as little loss this difficult winter, which is teaching us lessons as old as life itself.

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