25 Rreshtat e Mirës

The second opportunity!

The second opportunity!

By Mira Kazhani / I do not know where to start with the taste and strength that accompanied me at the end of this interview with Mirza Alibegaj.

The portal Tiranapost.al introduced me to Mirza! She was and is a loyal follower and perhaps out of that sympathy, trusted me with a life story, from those that people either do not tell, or tell in half. This is not the 'Mirza case'! With a red golf, jeans, short and unkempt hair, with some grays that have made her look stylish, a quite light powder and eyeshadow, smiling and with ease of steps, sat in the chair in front of me and alone his voice that was shaking a little with emotion was the sign that the interview had begun.

I met Mirza Alibegaj late, as I told you above, these 5 years of the portal. But I remember him in 2004 and onwards at "Capriccio" in the former block. Blonde, charming, always wearing sportswear and with a smile that captured the whole alley. These are the years when Mirza, the famous basketball player, had left Greece, her career there and chose to live in Tirana, although as she says: - "Now Tirana is very developed" - but then there was a great contrast with Athens, - however I told her "I want to stay here." So he said and so he did! She made new friends, new jobs (without leaving basketball, she is now the coach of the Tirana girls team) with whom she shared beautiful days, but also difficult days such as the fight with breast cancer a year ago. The biggest thanks is to them!

He is probably the only person I have met up close who does not show a bit of pessimism. Talk about pain or meeting doctors, as if it were the most normal thing in life. In fact, we all know it's part of life, but not all of us know how to deal with ourselves having to fight. She has never cried! He has criticized himself for negligence, for that calcified grain in the breast, taken from a kick in the field, with an elbow. Then came Covid and on the virus scanner she discovered the "unpleasant visitor".
A kind of fate in what everyone is calling disaster. A second chance! The same as with the charming Nikon who found themselves in a second chance, on Facebook, after 20 years. She believes that there is an angel around her (I think that's her character, but it could also be the work of angels).

When she was 23 years old and Niko from Athens, more or less about the same age, were liked by the eyes, but only that much.

In 2019 life met them, but the days of the hospital united them. They have gone through everything with jokes and humor. They travel and enjoy life so much that my question of whether they will get married is challenged: - “People can be married and not be close. We are very close! ”

Niko wants you to know. But Mirza is clear and wants to live her life as she has always done in her own way, sporty, fluid, without becoming romantic, melodramatic, or conventional!

During the conversation with him I felt as if I had taken an inner step myself. I was not afraid that we often do not know how to explain ourselves. And I definitely feel lucky that I am sharing it with other TIP readers.

Some people live as long and as they want! Efkaristo poli Mirza!

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