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Olta Daku as a living proof that the best does not have many followers

Olta Daku as a living proof that the best does not have many followers

... Or followers say we now. Even the third age has learned the terms of the network, even though my mom, for example, pronounces the English term "share" as she reads it: share. While "likes" are said even more beautifully: flattery. Aren't they, in fact?

This, as if to say that beyond the fact that if we speak one or two languages, it is certain that we are living two lives: one on the Internet, one in reality. The internet shows how famous you are, how important you are, how influential you are, how loving you are, how negative, how idiotic, how delusional, how many bags you have, how much you eat, how many shops you have opened, how many dresses you have sold, how many you have bought , endless information about everyone. According to a general opinion, there is a conclusion of the type: the value of the skin in the network is indicated by the number of followers.

I even read comments that when they want to offend someone they say: do you speak with so much "like" and so many followers? So you measure how many "likes", how many followers and comments.
Maybe they are right. I will become like them, if I speak with absolutism to the contrary. There is plenty of network of mentors for women, men, gyms, rights, make up. I do not claim it!

This is a great discussion and the day will not be far when studies in this field will reveal the effects, consequences and values, no doubt.

I no longer remember who I follow and I can not be responsible for who follows me and for whom. God knows how strange addresses appear to me from time to time. Let then when some terrible names appear, who are your followers. When it catches my eye I remove it, but I am not employed on my Instagram and I can not protect it 24 hours. Let him swim in his own destiny.

Today I did a follow up. A follow that changed my day and made me write in "notes". Her name is Olta Daku!

Olta is a talented actress, one of those characters of Albanian public life that I say have rare friends. We do not know each other and it is not necessary, especially now with the Internet, where meetings, except for work and with people in close circle, do not happen, nor are they needed. You are close to everyone in a sense and more or less like the symbolic death of the autograph. Now take selfies.

Yes, why I am writing and where is the 'superb' fact that a follow turns into a note, rather still a reflection.

Olta Daku had a therapeutic, comic, artistic Instagram, above all what little we find, really! The actress's posts were a calamity amidst laughter with tears to an emotion for an activity, show, friend. Somewhere a joke, somewhere a heartfelt message, a concern for a public cause, but it all came together in a twine that held originality. When you look at the address of the actress, they renew the belief that online life has not degraded, it is not just an ocean of troubled souls for fame or as many followers, worshipers - the latter are the first to be abandoned in the difficult day.

The news seemed to me the fact that the talented Albanian actress Olta Daku had remained talented on Instagram as well. Do not be surprised, because life on the net is not so easy. Being yourself can also be dramatic, (although there is an old belief that it saves you, in fact not always. It depends on how you feel about yourself.) Plus those who know not to be end up just as unfriendly. It is probably a talent in itself. Because what should you see today?

-It gives you joy the fact that someone does not act pathetic, as lazy for commentators, does not use populist themes to become unwittingly loved. Just as you feel regret when you see profiles that have lost text along with talent from online pressure.

We should not expect from everyone, but from the Olta race the opportunity is greater to be a truly inspiring address, not exploiting the themes and feelings of women, children or men.

The power will go greater who understands to be a truly inspiring address, not exploiting themes and feelings that leave people separated. White and black! Women and men. We all make mistakes and we do not have the gender of a lawyer.

Time gone!

Followers go far behind everything populist is known and die crying or blaming someone. They have a discharge valve in a public trial, as the network shows, not studies.

Some just as they die to buy products, so they want to buy information about the life of another, voyeurists and losers, rich and poor, want numbers. But are numbers worth it if there is no taste?

Olta Daku had a modest number of followers (somewhere around 37K) compared to what she has on the net, but she had a light and power of about ten addresses with hundreds behind her. I still have good taste of actress profile and fine humor.

PS I know that everything today is based on numbers. Even on the portal we only give numbers to customers and this is a great sadness. Larger than that of Prim numbers.

Olta Daku as a living proof that the best does not have many followers
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