25 Rreshtat e Mirës

For Italy always YES!

For Italy always YES!

I shouldn't have started it from Edi Rama, but I'm starting it anyway.

The Prime Minister has received a lot of greetings today and it seems that for the first time, perhaps, he is the only one of us who feels like walking on roses, because of the fame that a small, deeply political and humane gesture gives a place and status articles say: Grazie Rama !, Grazie Tirana! In these gloomy times who wouldn't want to get some inspiration. Others, even if you have them, do not get the job done. No freedom, no money, no cars and yachts, no working land.

In fact, here the diamonds are those 30 doctors (without depriving the prime minister of the political decision).

Reliable sources from the Ministry of Health indicate that phone calls with everyone were not impressed.

Do you know how they responded? Yes! Immediately! They have not demanded time like Merkel and the G20. They have not made this gesture of having geopolitical knowledge. They have said "yes" without thinking about personal or historical interests. They said "yes" that they are good, that they are Albanian.

No one knows how he will return and this is understood to be a war. They took the plane to battle and should not have the governors in front of the pictures - maybe for protocol or tradition issues, I don't know for sure! Albanians everywhere are thrilled with the moment that culminated in one of the most dynamic and clever movements in government, which is being commented on by statues such as that small example from a small country in the face of the weakening image of powerful countries that little is being thought about what they can do for Italy while she is dying to the brink.

Example: Germany on the darkest day, when there were not even 10 dead at home, decided to close Italy's export of masks. Brussels aerial! Ursula Von Der Leyen appeared three weeks after Barbara D'Ursos washed her hands with soap.

Or the G20 meeting, which closed this week with no results. We will think and tell you! In Germany this method of earning time is called "Merkel" - typical political behavior of the chancellor. Time and space are the two notions of life and Conte responded to the other. Time is no more. O today, never beloved Europe.

In short, the EU has left Italy breathing and flapping its wings like a shy butterfly! Now that everyone is in their own home, they believe that it just doesn't matter. As we can see, our home is not enough and life with others is what we are hoping for. A question:-

But why does the EU exist then? Why is there a currency, market rules and common facilities? After all why was it created as a union, to see everyone's butt ?! Albania has not crossed the rainbow and for any commenter who writes that he is worried about who will cure us, we should not be so much as Italy, it is our only hope!

Italy, Albania and Albanians have historical obligations and may sound shallow, but even when they have conquered us and done so by building us. See the only buildings we have on the boulevard.

This small country is not washed with Italy with 30 doctors, but the gesture is embodied and remembered. Jesus Christ also led 12 apostles.

At this point the Prime Minister made his bin very good!

Now he must have realized that not much strictness is required for Albanians in this time of pandemic who have left no room to make violence necessary for their own good.

I have seen videos from New York to the Lions clinging to hair for a Nutella in the supermarket and not as if they live in social states, with unions, dignity and integrity. They are leaving with fear of hunger.

Find a case with Albanians ?!

In Albania there has been no shameful video, no shelf emptying, no behavior (other than shopping with the elderly) to give signs of ignorance.

Albanians have all shown that they are like those 30 doctors who said "yes" as soon as the state asked them and fled with their white, smiling division at the unbearable ease of pride. We cultivate and obey the common good and have a mountain heart with love. We say "yes" with the ease of citizenship!

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