25 Rreshtat e Mirës

For Vlora's elderly, that should never be alone!

For Vlora's elderly, that should never be alone!

Today I finished a documentary series of the Roman Empire "Roman Empire". All families and stories of each resemble. It is joined by the thread of ambition for power, blood, betrayal and they end up mostly killed. A Julius Caesar dialogue with Mark Antony, his friend, adviser, suits today's "25 lines" about an elderly woman in Vlora crying in front of the camera.

February: Julius Caesar stays in Egypt for several months, living with Cleopatra, with whom they had a son. In Rome he had left the rule to Mark (ANTONI), who showed himself to be good in battle and without a logical point in power: wine, fruit, and exaggerated holidays. Zero talent to direct the people!

Rome, meanwhile, is starving and Mark Anthony suffocates the hunger protests violently. This aggravates the situation until a civil war and returns Julius Caesar to Rome.

-Why, what should I do? - Mark Anthony defends. -I had to stop a civil war.

You know how Julius Caesar responds?

-You only have to feed them. Distribute wheat!

He is actually remembered for being an emperor who gave jobs, increased the amount of grain, and of course used violence for the rest and made intrigues. But he knew the power of wheat well.


Today a senior from Vlora, crying in front of the camera hungry for bread, has made a network lap.

It was a television chronicle that desperately brought a painful reality for some categories of pensioners outside Tirana, who only have clear Rama's command: Don't get out of the house!

It is true that the government's draconian measures to prevent them from going out in the name of health are for the better. But this must be accompanied by a clear plan perfect for the stratum of retirees, the lonely and those living below the standard of living.

A pensioner from Vlora indicated that there was no one to do the shopping and that they slept drinking sugary water on Sunday without bread at home, fearing they were dying with their empty stomach.

He then discovered the fridge, where there was only water. This case must be a headache for the mayor of Vlora and the government of Tirana. We are really at war, but this is a biological war and no army has invaded us. We have a government, we have a state and the state is for these days. We are not compared to "i nonni italiani", who have good pensions, savings. Where are the elders of Albania ?! Except for those who have children and care for them. But how many others are alone without help? These should be helped by Vermoshi in Konispol. We know it is not easy, and this unprecedented crisis for the world and our time has engulfed developed countries and not Albania anymore. There will be mistakes everywhere and successes. The efforts are all heartfelt and serious, but this layer requires perfect management. How will they get their pension? Who will get them? But who will do the shopping? City Hall? The neighbor who got engaged? A student? An administrator? Everything should be clarified in all municipalities of the country, except Tirana, which seems to be working.

All of us must press for every opportunity we learn and lecture to those who are just #incommunicating with each other

Neighbors do not always have relationships with us today. I have 6 families on my floor and I only knew the pharmacist these times. But even if you know them, they may not always be willing and empathetic. We cannot leave this to the fate of the neighbor, but to the local governments. Vlora's elderly tears to be a shake-up for everyone. Because it doesn't just kill the virus. How sad and trusting that you are left alone and not even bread can buy! Sometimes you won't be able to go out and sometimes you can't get your pension or it's over in mid-March.

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