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Anjola's warm and open-minded story

Anjola's warm and open-minded story

By Mira Kazhani / Anjola Hamzaj is a good and calm face of the news studio - although it is not part of this podcast as it is good or quiet - but more than that! An open-minded and strong woman! Why? She confessed it in the interview, but a few short lines from me as follows:

She was born and raised in Debar and after university in Tirana she joined her parents in Italy for some time, to return disappointed by that emigration experience, with the great desire to build a life in Tirana. You are surprised by the sincerity with which he describes the times of Italy, when he was not hired or when he realized that life is not made beautiful simply by a well-paved asphalt. She is a man who speaks for herself. I understood this well from the interview.

He has been living with Enzo, an Italian, for almost 10 years, with whom they are the parents of two twins. The story of the twins has been made public because many came to life prematurely. Only 6 months old. Anjola on the other hand is a nature really like she was born in Norway. She would not want to be for people that "mother of portals", who tells the same story all the time. Right! Things want mass.

So from the beginning of these lines you should know that this conversation with her carries another message and story about her two children.

Growing up with two babies, one day she realized that Luis was getting a little too late in uttering words, compared to Emma, ​​who had eclipsed her skill. Maybe she said, girls are like that and boys are more lazy and it could be so. But Anjola decided not to hide behind her finger, not to reject reality, took her son - who just laughs in the video - and is a happy child, and took him to Bari, where there is a pediatrician who blindly trusts her. For a year now little Luis has been in therapy every day and everything is going well. Because the mom with the celestial eyes, the quiet one of the news, did not choose to hide the problem, but responded to the little one's request in time! I am convinced that this interview will warm the hearts of many mothers who may be living such a situation with a non-verbal child.

Thank you Anjola for speaking and how you spoke !!!

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