25 Rreshtat e Mirës

Put on the mask!

Put on the mask!

No matter how boring it is to read a text about the 'crown' again, the word measures to shake the vibrations of its meaning and the fatigue of repetition gives you a gall bladder, too.

The resumption of infections is a surprise for Albania, especially with the hot temperatures and the day when we remembered that the flag went off with only one positive case. Even the heat can't beat it, and cases have increased daily.

Now, this is especially an issue of ours that requires a kind of responsibility, because unfortunately we fought the Virus only with isolation and now that the state and society are being tested, both Shs are not at the right height, this we know we don't get tired of finding patches. It is up to us to take care. To put on the mask when we enter foreign environments, to respect as much as we can the new norms of new normalcy, hygiene, and to live, work and rest. In America there is a high awareness of the mask, while not through the fault of the people theories turmoil about the masks, do not come then come, if the vaccine does not do, there is a microchip, you will have a TV inside the skin, they are counting us, yes they lie to us. If all else fails, get rid of clutter you don't need. Are people dying, still? Yes. Are they getting infected? Yes. Do you have a house with Hercules or with parents and grandparents who have a disease that can be badly punished by the virus that sometimes appears without taste, sometimes with diarrhea, sometimes with shortness of breath until death.

Therefore, the mask comes when you meet someone, (without shaking hands) when you buy something, and when you enter a new environment. It is not good, and I do not plan to keep it all the time, but I will use it with me if necessary.

We are surrounded by the virus and before we can strengthen the stigma and prejudice against it, we must first strengthen the measures. Ah, what a useless word, but how valuable it is today.

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