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6 suggestions from Elda to make the right purchases during Black Friday

6 suggestions from Elda to make the right purchases during Black Friday

If there was an ideal time when you could finally try out the products you have long stored, it is now. I'm talking about Black Friday and the best beauty deals for 2020. I want to share with you some of the best deals, if you need to replenish your routine or try new products, but maybe also keep notes of gifts for relatives.

Now seems to me the best period to treat blemishes on the skin that may have been left over by acne or have been created by the sun and hormonal fluctuations. It is time to incorporate acids into the skin. The idea of ​​using them seems scary, but the effects on the skin are great if you want a uniform tone and glowing skin. Among the endless acids I would single out D-CLAR SOS Dark Spots ( Custom Link ) which performs complete hyperpigmentation treatment. A beautiful cocktail of acids, mixed with exfoliator, serum and treatment cream to reduce blemishes on the skin and its regeneration. Remember, the next morning you will definitely need sunscreen, acids tend to make the skin more sensitive to it.

It could not leave me unscathed in this black week cream with diamond powder, sapphire and almethyst powder that increase the radiance of the skin and give it a youthful look. I refer to the Global Absolute Illuminating Anti Age Cream ( Link to messages ). Stem Cell Complex, white lily extracts and passion fruit extracts will make the skin more uniform and even more radiant. Interesting products do not end here. Korff has also lowered her favorite foundation. Creamy foundation with lifting effect in Aoos ( Custom link ) in addition to providing good coverage throughout the day, but also moisturizes the skin thanks to hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.

Formulated with Quinine and B vitamins, this shampoo ( Custom link ) by Klorane has caught my attention at Aoos. In a test conducted on 31 people, after 21 days 84% ​​of them felt stronger and healthier hair. If you are looking for something more intense ( Custom link ) the intensive treatment formulated to strengthen the hair root should be tried. They promote microcirculation at the hair root, will strengthen the hair, but at the same time making it more elastic.

Last as a product, of which four months already not change is Absolute Dry ( Link to messages ). It blocks sweating for 7 days. Sounds weird, but it works. There is a unique way of application and effect on the skin, but for the next 7 days you will not need to apply another antiperspirant. Its effect lasts well after the shower and the other fantastic thing that has saved me is that it does not leave stains on clothes.

Once you have your cup of mountain tea, grab your laptop in a cozy place on the couch and get ready for some of the best discounts of the year.

Ps: Aoos offers 10% extra discount on every product purchased with the #tiranapost code. Suffice it to say Tiranapost!