40 companies interested in the construction of the commercial port in Porto Romano

40 companies interested in the construction of the commercial port in Porto
40 international companies and institutions have expressed interest in the construction of the commercial port of Porto Romano.

Company representatives are presenting their projects in a meeting with Prime Minister Edi Rama and Deputy Minister Belinda Balluku.

Rama said that this project has aroused great interest and for this reason it is important that the country has a capable partner.

It is about opening up our economy and those who want to be involved in our economic developments to enjoy these opportunities. In the proof of the facts you will be able to see firsthand why I call them biases and not perceptions based on the reality of striving for transparent processes and integrity and that ultimately reward those pillars that have made your companies so too loud Of course, for us as a country, this is a process extended over time, we come from a past that has not been kind to us at all, and three decades of our journey in trying to build a modern Albania and an open and competitive economy, it can be considered too much, but also too little as a result of measuring the level of experience.

The much needed experience is not on our side, we have referred to international excellences, and in this case such as the company in question that is working with capacity and talent to be admired. Let's be clear, they are not working for free, as you know the Dutch are as good as they are expensive and their ability to be a marketer is second to none, but at the end of the day they deserve what they get. I believe that the company is one of the reasons, if not the main reason, that you have come here with confidence. I want to assure you that we are very honored to have you here, I have in front of you the list of companies, which have an impressive geographical reach, and 3 companies gathered here to take a close look and ask the necessary questions r a project like this one of ours fills us with optimism. Be convinced that and why in the end a company will win,