The doctor talks about the state of health of Fatos Nano

The doctor talks about the state of health of Fatos Nano

Fatos Nano's health does not seem to be an optimistic situation. The former prime minister, who for years has faced health problems from time to time, has been in the hospital for several days in a serious condition.

Today, pulmonologist Arben Tanka spoke about his condition and said that he suffers from COPD, a disease that affects the respiratory tract. Tanka says the condition is incurable but treatable.

According to the doctor, it comes from smoking, air pollution, but it can also be genetic.

COPD is the abbreviation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. A chronic disease that is caused by inhaling mainly tobacco smoke, chemical elements that are in its composition. Other factors are atmospheric pollution and its harmful elements. There are also genetic factors, but in very small components. It is divided into two main groups: chronic bronchitis and pulmonary emphysema. These patients, mostly over 50 years old, suffer from increased phlegm, from chronic inflammation of the airways, they may have frequent temperatures, they pass viruses more severely than other people. They have difficulty in breathing and difficulty in very short movements.

According to WHO statistics, COPD is considered the cause of 1/3 of deaths in the world. In addition to having this severity in the chronic suffering of the lungs, it begins to be complicated in other organs, such as the weakening of the heart. Affected people are very susceptible to having an overlap of pneumonia in their lungs. There may be profound oxygen insufficiency and how they are forced to take supplemental oxygen. It is a chronic disease.

There may be no pain at all, but there may be difficulty in breathing. If he has developed severe pneumonia, he can be intubated. The first advice for these people is to quit smoking. The damage caused by smoking and air pollution is irreversible. We cannot claim that it cures, but it helps depending on the degree of the disease. In the vernacular, they are "pumps", "inhalers" which help these people have fewer problems, since they avoid a quick fatigue.'- said the doctor.