Tomorrow Kurban Bayram, head of the Muslim Community: Congratulations on the holiday that symbolizes the Creator's mercy to man

Tomorrow Kurban Bayram, head of the Muslim Community: Congratulations on the

The head of the Muslim Community of Albania, Bujar Spahiu, has congratulated the Muslim faithful on the occasion of Kurban Bayram.

Kurban Bayram will be celebrated tomorrow, June 16, 2024.

Complete greeting:

Dear sisters and brothers

Tomorrow, with God's permission, we will celebrate Kurban Bayram.

The holiday that symbolizes the sacrifice and obedience of man to God and the immeasurable mercy that the creator has for his highest creature, which is man.

Kurban is a holiday in which joy, the hand of solidarity and support should enter every heart and hearth.

This holiday is the holiday of awakening hope and optimism to persevere in loyalty to the Lord of the universe, that he is the Great Forgiver, the Infinite Merciful.

Dear sisters and brothers,

Kurban Bayram is also a holiday for pilgrims.

Millions of believers from all over the world, who are performing the Hajj, have been joined by hundreds of believers from Albania, and we pray that they will be accepted for the Hajj and that they will all return forgiven and cleansed of their sins.

Dear Albanians,

Allow me, on behalf of myself and the Muslim Community of Albania, to convey to you the most heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of the great holiday of Kurban Bayram,

Bring joy to your families,

May the great God grant us prosperity and goodness for our nation,

May God grant peace to all believers around the world