Violent protest in front of the City Hall, arrests and prosecutions begin

Violent protest in front of the City Hall, arrests and prosecutions begin

Three young people have been arrested after the protest that was held the day before in front of the municipality of Tirana.

The young people are accused of the criminal offenses of "resisting police officers" as well as "destruction of property by fire". The municipal councilor from the Freedom Party, Tedi Blushi, has also been released.

The protest in front of the City Hall was accompanied from its start by tensions, with dozens of Molotov cocktails which were thrown at the entrance of the building.


Regarding the protest organized yesterday, on 19.04.2024, at 11.00 a.m., in front of the Tirana City Hall, called by the Theater Alliance, which started at 11.00 a.m. with speeches and was generally quiet, when the citizen spoke BK, in the direction of the entrance gate of the Municipality of Tirana, hard objects and artisanal pyrotechnic materials (Molotov cocktails) were thrown.

After that, a group of protesters, led by citizens FN, KB, TB, and other people, tried to break the Police cordon, at the other gate of the City Hall, from the side of "Skënderbej" square, and during this moment there was confrontation between protesters and police officers.

After the end of the protest, the procedural actions were carried out, the place of the event was examined, where objects and items thrown in the direction of the Municipality of Tirana were seized as material evidence, which were sent for further forensic expertise.

Citizens KV, 18 years old, and BM, 18 years old, were arrested red-handed for using pyrotechnic materials (Molotov).

We are also working on the identification and capture of two citizens who threw and used pyrotechnics (Molotov cocktails).

Citizen FK, a resident of Lushnja, was arrested for violence against police officers.

The citizens of KB, TB, EV, DB have been processed in a free state. Work is being done to capture the citizens of AT, RD, AM, JH, BZ, B. Gj., EP, and AP

Film footage of the protest has also been administered, and the review of the footage continues for the identification of other persons involved in criminal activity.

The procedural materials will be transferred to the Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance of the General Jurisdiction in Tirana for further action.