Rama: We are ready to find out how many Albanians live in the country through the Census

Rama: We are ready to find out how many Albanians live in the country through

Prime Minister Rama has announced the launch of the Population Census. According to the Prime Minister, the process will be carried out in cooperation with French, Swiss and German partners. This census will reveal how many Albanians live in Albania, but also the properties they own.

"Today the conditions have been met for us to continue this process. It is difficult, according to the statistics plan, to collect all the data that is absolutely necessary for many reasons. To identify realistically, concretely how many Albanians and citizens of this country live in this country today and how much is their real estate number.We have 2 factors that are a guarantee, 1-French,Swiss,German partners.Known for their spirit of precision.

With a considerable fund, where 55% is made available by the Albanian government and the rest by these partners. The other factor is the high technology which comes to our important help to use what is used in the most developed realities as a tool that guarantees the integrity of the figures in real time", said Rama.

The Prime Minister spoke further about the past censuses and the weaknesses of the process.

"The registration was done incorrectly. The investigations we have done in the prefectures and many districts have not even been registered at all. This is how it is written in the registration books. Since then, 11 censuses have been carried out. Some were made in times of uprisings, some under the indoctrination of the totalitarian regime. Today, I believe that the conditions are ripe to start a process of such importance and to do it according to European standards. The first point is to really identify how many Albanians, how many citizens live in this country today and what is the number of their assets. I say that the conditions have matured, as we have two factors that are guarantees. The French, German partners, or all those who have the spirit of accuracy for their experience of being accurate in counting and with the support of the European Council with a considerable fund.

INSTAT has a great follow-up, which is a guarantee in this process. It is one of the few institutions in this country that when you say it is completely depoliticized, no one raises their hand to shout 'no'. INSTAT's experience in Europe is consolidated experience. We also have international expertise in this very complicated process. I am proud that INSTAT today is freed from politics, no longer deals with political issues and does not prepare double-digit growth lemons for the fastest development in the world, somewhere a few steps behind China. It is no longer a question of Albania being flogged for inflated statistics. This is work that has been in the making for 4 years. The registration will be done in real time, based on all the registration areas, thanks to the use of technology," said Rama.