Rama in the flooded areas in Shkodër: The situation on the ground is completely different compared to 2010

Rama in the flooded areas in Shkodër: The situation on the ground is

Prime Minister Rama was today in Shkodër, at Harku i Bërdica to see closely the situation created by the heavy rains during the last few days.

Prime Minister Rama said that the current situation created by these rains cannot be compared to 2010, in the face of similar flows.

"From the information I received an hour ago, there will be more rain again, they start at midnight and continue again during the night, there will be a little problem. But what is to put the hands on the head, is the deliberate distortion that is done to the situation through the channels, through the portals, a rage and a combination of ignorance and malice that has become a big problem here, while compared to the incomparable in fact of 2010, it is an unimaginable situation, that is, there is no comparison," he said.

Rama in the flooded areas in Shkodër: The situation on the ground is

He asked for a greater commitment of the local structures of Shkodra, to respond to the situation in the right way. "From the point of view of the institutional reaction in the sense of all the structures that the state has put here, we have nothing to discuss, because here is a system and everything is set in motion by itself according to the levels of the plan. They sacrificed as always, that is, without any reservations. This is, without a doubt, what needs to be said. However, they are still flooded hectares, but let's not forget that in the event that in other areas we have a complete change of the sewerage, drainage systems, etc., what has been done here has been done by the central structures, while at the level of To tell the truth, we have always had a problem with the local structures and I don't want to blame anyone or point the finger at anyone,

According to him, out of 12,000 residents evacuated in the previous floods, only 22 have been evacuated today, while out of 2,800 flooded homes, today there is not a single house covered by water.