Rama from the Summit: The time has come for the Region to be part of the European digital portfolio

Rama from the Summit: The time has come for the Region to be part of the

From the Summit of the countries of the Western Balkans in Montenegro, Prime Minister Rama reminds the European countries that their suggestions have been heard, they are being worked on and that the time has come for BP to enter the European digital portfolio.

"I want to express my enthusiasm for what is happening and I want to thank Varhelyi and the commission that has worked closely with us by offering us a genuine dialogue platform, a process where as usual we have listened, but as a few times the commission has also listened to us. It is an example of what can be achieved when both sides listen to each other.

The progress over 2 and a half months speaks for itself. We have prepared individual reform plans and identified initiatives that will lead us towards the common regional market. I want to make a number of points.

We need to work on the possibility of the growth plan to prepare ourselves to integrate into the common market.

The time has come for the region to be part of the European digital portfolio. We aim to be ready in 2027. We are waiting for the commission to complete the roadmap", said Rama.

So what is this digital wallet?

The European Digital Portfolio is an initiative of the European Union to accelerate the development and use of digital technology in Europe. The aim of this portfolio is to advance the field of digital innovation, ensure the wider use of digital technology in the public and private sectors and advance the use of artificial intelligence, data technology and others.

The European Digital Portfolio includes a series of initiatives and policies aimed at increasing competitiveness, security and innovation in the EU's digital economy. Some of the key focus areas are digital infrastructure, digital security, artificial intelligence, data usage, and digital services. This initiative aims to establish the EU as a global leader in the field of digital technology and to benefit from the advantages of digital advances for the economy and society.