Rama reacts on Twitter about the 'Mcgonigal' case: This is a big and slanderous mockery of politics!

Rama reacts on Twitter about the 'Mcgonigal' case: This is a big and

Prime Minister Edi Rama has reacted by means of a post on Twitter to the accusations of the opposition about his alleged connections with the former agent of the FBI, Charles McGonigal, calling them a slander.

The Prime Minister was absent from today's interpellation in the Assembly regarding this issue.

"A total abuse of freedom of speech, of the truth, of the public, in a total moral, political, electoral despair, where extreme defamation is aimed at manipulating opinion with a case investigated by American justice that has gone to court and that there is no connection with us here!

Who has two minds understands what this whole hysteria of political and media self-judgment is about a trial in America for an FBI official whom the nongrata justice here claims was corrupted by me, while the American justice does not there is no accusation or claim.

This is a great and slanderous mockery of politics without knowledge or faith with those who go behind this policy of discredited figures who want to cover the sun with a sieve, while our relations with the US and American institutions are stronger than ever", writes the prime minister.