Summit in Tirana today. These are the blocked roads

Summit in Tirana today. These are the blocked roads

The Ukraine-Southeast Europe Summit will be held today and tomorrow, where President Zelensky will also be present.

Regarding this summit and the visit of the Ukrainian president to the country, a series of police measures have been taken, when it is reported that 1500 police forces are on the ground.

Some roads that are included in the security perimeter of the Summit participants' activities and meetings will be closed to traffic from 08:00 on 28.02.2024 to 16:00 on 29.02.2024, specifically:

"Dervish Hima" road from Elbasan road to Coin;

"Pope John Paul II" road, from RTSH to Coin;

"Abdyl Frashëri" street, from the Libri Universitari intersection to the Presidency;

"Free Ukraine" street, from the Constitutional Court to Vila 30;

"Themistokli Gërmenji" Street, from Elbasan Street to "Pope John Paul II" Street;

"Faik Konica" street, from Ambasador 3 branch to "Dervish Hima" street;

"Gjergj Filipi" street, "Italia" square, from "Faik Konica" street to "Mariot" hotel;

"Martyrs of the Nation" boulevard, from the bridge of the former Dajti hotel to "Mother Teresa" square;