The first Summit in a war zone, tomorrow EU leaders meet in Kiev

The first Summit in a war zone, tomorrow EU leaders meet in Kiev

On Friday, the EU's high-level meeting officially takes place in Kiev, the first summit in a war zone. It will be the largest EU delegation to visit Kiev since the beginning of the Russian aggression: 16 EU commissioners, among them the President of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen, the chief diplomat of the EU, Josep Borrell as well as EU Council President Charles Michel undertake not only the dangerous train journey through war-torn Ukraine, but they will hold talks in Kiev with the Ukrainian government.

What does the agenda contain?

Mainly further military and financial support from the European Union will be on the agenda. The EU and its member countries have so far made available to Ukraine weapons and military equipment worth 11.5 billion euros. This year, the EU will make available another 18 billion euros in financial support, so that the government in Kiev can continue to pay pensions and salaries in the public service sector.

The EU, together with the industrialized countries of the G7 group, has begun the reconstruction of institutions, to coordinate private and public money and to direct the reconstruction process.

The summit in Kiev aims to send a signal that it appreciates the Ukrainian government's reform efforts and will encourage it to continue.

President Volodymyr Zelensky's 10-point peace plan is expected to be discussed, as well as the initiative to create a special court to hold President Vladimir Putin and his inner circle accountable.

But as EU representatives point out, the Ukrainian government should not have high expectations regarding a quick membership perspective.