Senseless negativity about Shpirag, even though I don't believe that oil is the future

Senseless negativity about Shpirag, even though I don't believe that oil is

In a video message, Erion Braçe analyzes the pluses and minuses of the discovery of oil in Shpirag.

According to the socialist deputy, the negativity with this topic that can serve the country in the event that pressurized oil will be finalized in Shpirag, is cynicism and senseless.

If something helps the country's economy, it should be supported by everyone.

But on the other hand, Braçe is restrained when he says that oil is not the future when he thinks about innovative policies, the environmental and eco-friendly approach.

Also, he talks about the sovereign fund.

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The oil of Shpirag is the wealth of this land. It will turn into wealth for the people here!

How much cynicism, irony, sarcasm, mockery, derision, sayings and contradictions, negativity I have heard and felt this week about her!

No sense, honestly! It will be economics, and in front of it, nothing of principle was decided, just a denying and mocking attempt to make noise!

I will never understand why we always face the economy like this, with all the possible negativity.

This same week, in the USA, wide segments of the economic and political media wrote and analyzed the strong economic impact on America's GDP of the tours of Taylor Swift, Beyonce, the two Barbie and Oppenheimer films. No one laughed! They counted and enjoyed the influence!

Here?! How much poison on the possibility of using a national wealth for the benefit of the Albanians!

It had to be different!

A principled debate on oil itself, carbon, the environment, good governance, potential investment areas, transparency. No. It doesn't happen!

From ridicule and derision to negativity and venom, they have taken up all the space to talk about important, principled things.

First, can our future economy rely only on oil? I think not! Everyone is leaning towards climate, environment, decarbonisation, where oil has a key role. Aggressive policies are significantly reducing the role of oil in the economy. In these 7 months, electric cars surpassed diesel cars in sales. We don't have enough space to support all the future here!

E dyta, fondi sovran është një instrument i rëndësishëm publik e transparent për të administruar të ardhurat nga kjo pasuri. Unë do të doja shumë që paratë e tij të adresoheshin në politika inovative e mjedisore që vendosin qëndrueshëm ekuilibrin e ri. Ne nuk mund të bëjmë të shkuarën!

E treta, tani është koha që e gjithë e ardhura nga pasuria kombëtare të hyjë në këtë fond sovran, jo një vendburim, por edhe ato të dorovitura nga Sali Berisha fort keq, gëlqerore gjithashtu, rënore e nga të cilat nuk fitojmë atë që na takon, për çdo pasuri nëntokësore flas.

E katërta, bëhet fjalë për një pasuri në Berat, qytetin e bardhë, historik, që po njeh dimensionin e tij real turistik. Duhet të rritet edhe më! Duhet t’ia tregojmë botës atë bukuri shqiptare!

So there needs to be a balance between oil tourism, gas, the environment, oil tourism, the environment, agriculture, oil tourism and the industrial pollution that production brings, it's not alarming, it's Shell and its environment department, it's the government of Albania.

I am very sorry that I neither boasted nor criticized the fact, this wealth waiting to be used, nor the billions of money invested so far!

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