A register unites businesses of Italy, Montenegro and Albania

A register unites businesses of Italy, Montenegro and Albania

A seminar has brought together businesses from Italy, Montenegro and Albania today in Tirana.


The BRE project has enabled the successful creation of a transnational pilot platform to connect the business registers of Italy, Albania and Montenegro, so that existing enterprises, start-ups, networks and different groups can be identified and are registered in it.

What does the BRE platform consist of?

Through the development of the RES platform and special training and information initiatives, the project offers long-term instruments to companies, so that they can increase cooperation and competition between them. This initiative has improved the cross-border business environment, facilitating access to information, providing transparency and data accuracy, reducing costs and strengthening efficiency for medium and small enterprises. The partners of the project are the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Albania, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture of Bari (Italy), the Economic Chamber of Montenegro and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of Montenegro.

What is intended?

The seminar aims to promote the platform and populate it with companies from the priority sectors of the economy of the three countries: Tourism, ICT, Fashion/Textiles and Agro-processing.

Who organizes it?

The Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in the capacity of Lead Partner, organizes the first Workshop within the framework of the BRE Capitalization-Business Register Empowerment Project in the premises of the Tirana International Hotel.


About 40 Albanian companies participating in today's meeting will have the opportunity to be informed about the platform as well as the beneficial registration services through the Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry, thus benefiting from a wide and efficient digital marketing, offering and received services directly from Italian, Montenegrin and local companies.