Albanian Post thinks about the success of your business

Albanian Post thinks about the success of your business

Starting a business is an enterprise driven by the desire and passion to grow as an individual, but above all to have a stable income. Of course, it is not easy to do something like this, regardless of persistent character or good will. This initiative is not accompanied by a manual of advice that promises success. But, if you are aware that there are always spaces where special attention is paid to facilitating the procedures, and that it is important to take advantage of them, you are definitely on the right track.

The Albanian Post is next to everyone who has their own business, it doesn't matter if it is old, new, small or big. Over the years, Posta has served as a vital intermediary between business, citizens and institutions. It is not for nothing that it is the largest trading company in the country, operating in the financial market. By offering accuracy, high quality and competitive rates, there are hundreds of those businesses that are already at another stage, with needs met and expectations exceeded. Above all, with time at their disposal, to really focus on what has the highest priority: on the quick and proper administration of the income.

In 533 post offices throughout the country, with the incomparable commitment of 2500 employees, as well as with its online presence through the dedicated application, Posta proves day by day that it deserves the trust of Albanian taxpayers.

It has dispelled any fear of fruitless queues or heavy financial obligations. Thanks to every feature that characterizes it, Albanian Post helps businesses in paying all tax obligations, necessary for their success and longevity, such as:


Social and Health Insurance;

Profit tax;

Local Taxes;

OSHEE and UKT invoices;

Other obligations.

However, Albanian Post offers much more than that. Businesses looking to increase awareness of everything they offer are enabled to advertise in each of its subsidiaries and branches like nowhere else; with high visibility and desired, businesses of different typologies can approach different customers, many in number, precisely from the fact that post offices are addresses to which everyone goes for a solution.

Providing universal services at cost-oriented rates is a big responsibility. But the Albanian Post is on the side of development, positive ambition and the common good. Albanian Post is Safe, Fast, Everywhere!

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