The criminal amnesty comes into force, here's who will benefit

The criminal amnesty comes into force, here's who will benefit
The implementation of the law on criminal amnesty begins today. The number of convicts who benefit is 1100, of which 700 will be released immediately, while another 400 will benefit from a reduced sentence. Another 2,700 probationers benefit from the amnesty, as well as some opposition protesters, where 232 cases are dismissed immediately.

In the detention center of Vlora, 25 people benefit. Of these, 20 leave the prison premises today, while the other 5 benefit from a reduced sentence. Of the people who are on supervised probation in Vlora, 88 people benefit. This was confirmed a few days ago by the director of the Probation Service in Vlora.

About 150 convicts benefit from the Reçi prison in Malesinia e Madhe. Even in IEVP Fier, where there are about 800 convicts, 150 of them benefit. 14 convicts are released from Peqin prison, those who have 12-15 months of their sentence left. Meanwhile, 10 convicts benefit from Durrës prison.

Meanwhile, in Korça, out of 140 prisoners who benefit, 55 of them will leave their cells today, while 73 others will have their sentences reduced. The amnesty will benefit male prisoners who have less than four years left to serve from the end of their sentence. Likewise, male prisoners over 60 years of age are also beneficiaries.