Bad weather, the Durrës - Bari and Vlorë - Brindizi cruise is suspended for the next day

Bad weather, the Durrës - Bari and Vlorë - Brindizi cruise is

The General Maritime Directorate announces that due to the deterioration of the weather, it announces the measures that have been taken for the next day.

"International marine transport ships for passengers and vehicles on the Vlora-Brindisi-Vlora line today will continue to operate normally according to their destinations. If they will be suspended until the hydrometeorological conditions improve.

The Durres-Ancona-Durres line ship will operate normally

The ships of the line Durres - Bari - Durres today will operate normally. Tomorrow they will be suspended in both directions.

The boats of the Sarande-Corfus-Sarande line operate normally.

We will notify you of any possible changes.

Based on the forecast for the deteriorating hydrometeorological situation along the Albanian coast during the dates 30-01-02.12.2023 starting from 16:00 on 30.11.2023 in the SOUTH-SOUTH-EAST direction up to the force of 6-7bft with wind speed up to 25m /s and wave height from 2.50 to 3.5 meters.

Drivers of small watercraft and fishing vessels operating along the Albanian coast are hereby notified to take into consideration the predicted deteriorating conditions and to take measures for their safety in order to prevent maritime situations and incidents during the dates 30-01-02.12.2023 .

The improvement of the worsened hydrometeorological situation for small vessels and fishing will be after 22:00 on 02.12.2023", announces the General Maritime Directorate.