4 reasons why Pisces is the hardest sign to understand

4 reasons why Pisces is the hardest sign to understand

The sign of Pisces is the most complicated. This sign is psychic, sensitive, emotional, creative and selfless, but can also be sullen and cold. Pisces are known to be go-with-the-flow signs, so sometimes it can be hard to fully understand where they're going.

As the most flexible sign of the zodiac, there are several reasons why Pisces is believed to be the most difficult zodiac sign to understand.

1. They are solitary

Pisces need time alone to meditate because they are easily influenced by the world and people around them. Sensitive individuals like Pisces are mental sponges and value solitude above all else. But don't misinterpret it; they still care about you.

2. Empathy

Empathy can motivate Pisces to achieve things they wouldn't have done otherwise. They are very aware of other people's suffering and it is often the only thing that motivates them to improve themselves. The disadvantage is that they may confuse other people's emotions with their own.

3. They need motivation to get started

They have big dreams but are not really motivated. It is difficult for them to start new initiatives, and even more difficult to complete them. This is why Pisces need a strong support system that encourages them to achieve their dreams.

4. They are very sensitive

With Pisces, words hurt deeply, so be careful how you speak to them because they will remember. Pisces values ​​honesty above all else, so return the generosity they show you. They are like sponges, absorbing the energy of those around them, which is not necessarily a good thing.