Weekly horoscope Aries - Taurus

Weekly horoscope Aries - Taurus


During the week you will have to be more careful with your expenses. Be careful when working with any financial document.

During these seven days, some people will deliberately look for a way to provoke and challenge you into a conflict, the purpose of which is to discredit you in the environment where you work or live.

Do not trust any information that affects your personal or family life in any way.

Be careful when dealing with people who feed on gossip about other people's private lives.

During the week, there may be a need to take care of a health problem of a member of your family.

During the week, a situation will arise that will require a difficult decision for family or marital relations.

This week will surprise you with the success of your friend, which will undoubtedly affect his financial prosperity.

Boys and girls will have to look more seriously at their events and commitments this week, as you cannot afford a frivolous attitude in any case. During this week, you may have to postpone your travel plan or receive unpleasant news about a person who is traveling or who lives at a distance from you.

Men can become victims of someone's manipulative actions. This week you may learn about similar actions towards you from the recent past, which for some reason went unnoticed by you. A very complicated week, which should not create a panic in you, but should encourage you to be more attentive and careful in your every action or decision.

Women will focus on the correct execution of various tasks related to documents, payments, some financial contracts and others. Most of your tasks during the week will have a good development, will bring you success, satisfaction or will be an occasion for compliments from other people. Most of the obligations you will have towards your family and relatives this week will not burden you mentally and emotionally, as you will have a wave of more energy and above all a good mood.


During the week you will have various contacts with many people, regardless of how they will be realized.

A variety of people will influence your life during these seven days, and most of them will have good intentions towards you.

New friendships this week will have a lasting meaning in your life and connect with people from whom you will have a lot to learn.

Such a friendship established this week can also be the beginning of a promising love relationship (if it is of a romantic nature).

The week will favor the development of your domestic and professional affairs, especially if you have to work from home during these seven days.

Good developments will have plans related to repairs and improvements to your home, or those related to another property that your family owns.

During the week, the health of your son, grandson or another male in your family will require attention, which should not be a cause for panic, but should make you be more careful.

Boys and girls will spend a week for which they will have big expectations, hopes or plans. Learn that you have to live with the realities of your life, adapt to them whether you like it or not. During this week, you will have the opportunity to make some important purchases for yourself, but this will not be related to the purchase of luxury or expensive items.

Men will be able to achieve good results in their financial matters and tasks from which they expect good monetary income. Being able to stabilize yourself financially will require a more practical handling of your current money. Any impulsive or risky spending and investment can cause you unwanted losses and reversal of some of your plans. During these seven days, avoid long-term plans and try to organize your affairs day by day.

Women will show an unusual nervousness and anger, which will not only make communication difficult, but will also create unpleasant conflict situations for you, from which you will find it difficult to get out. It is likely that some people will deliberately provoke you, playing with your patience, which will require wisdom on your part. Similar provocations can also come from close people or be caused by a representative of any institution.