Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn

Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn


During the week you will have opportunities and it will be good to complete important commitments with a loved one or with someone you are professionally connected with.

In general, the week will favor actions related to children and young people. During these seven days, your financial matters will require attention, be it direct dealings or online payments.

Be careful with the details or terms so you don't experience unpleasant disappointment, or find yourself the target of a scam.

During this week, many of you will receive unpleasant news about a relative or a friend who lives in another city or country.

This week will require a more decisive solution to problems with a person from your circle of relatives or friends who tries to take advantage of your kindness or personal contacts.

Boys and girls will be busy looking for difficult but necessary solutions to get out of the problems that have already arisen in the family, at school or in the place where you work. It is possible that you missed the right moment for their peaceful solution, and now such actions will turn out to be much more difficult, requiring unpleasant compromises or some kind of loss, retreat on your part. During this week, be careful with your personal documents and phone, which may be subject to theft, unwanted curiosity about the information you store in them.

Men will have expectations of a more emotional and tension-free week, but the degree to which these things happen will largely depend on your actions. During the week, be careful in the general activities you will have with other men or the promises you will exchange with them. If you expect to receive financial support from another person, disappointment is not excluded.

Women are likely to have an unrealistic view of the implementation of their plan or idea that they intend to commit to this week. You may be relying on a promise that won't be fulfilled or money that you don't really have right now. Greater tension during these seven days will inevitably affect your health. Do not allow manipulative actions from the people around you, because they are definitely not for your benefit.


During the week, surprises will arise that will be related to your love or personal life.

An interesting development will be your relationship with the partner with whom you are currently communicating virtually because of the distance between you or for another reason.

This will be a week where unexpected romantic relationships can arise.

During these seven days, you will have the most diverse relationships with people near or far, different in emotions and development.

There will be people who will find a way to insult or hurt you with a nasty comment. But there will also be people who will make you happy and give you hope about issues and relationships that are important to you.

During this week, do your best to control nervous situations, your angry emotions and the desire to contradict and enter into conflict with other people. This is not the time for such actions, which can involve you in very unpleasant relationships, even physical self-harm.

You are also not at your best health-wise, so avoid mental and physical strain.

During the week, a reason for conversations and meetings can be an important event in the life of a loved one.

Some of you will have to face an unexpected situation in your home.

Boys and girls will find themselves in a situation where they will have to stop and think seriously before moving forward. In some things you have to approach very seriously and in no case do not allow yourself jokes or risks. Unfinished tasks from the previous week or failures can bring you back to your previous tasks, until they are completed correctly or successfully. The week will be remembered with an event in the life of a boy or young man from your circle of students, friends or relatives.

Men will have a hard time planning anything this week. From the beginning, unexpected situations, unexpected phone calls, meetings or changes will begin to appear. Your health may require attention, or you may need to slow down the pace at which you have been working. Avoid escalating conflicts or arguments with the people around you, as both parties will have the right to defend their positions. In this situation, it will be difficult to determine who is right and who is wrong, since everyone will have the right to fight for what they want and in whatever way they want to achieve it.

Women will find it difficult to maintain a good mood, they will easily be disappointed. The influence of a woman who is your relative or friend will strengthen your negative emotions, which will definitely be to your detriment. Ignore what this woman is telling you or walk away from her for a while. If you manage to protect yourself mentally and emotionally from negative influences, then this week will be good.