Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn

Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn


During the week you will have to carefully define and organize your professional plans, goals and priorities for the month of June.

Events or circumstances will occur that will cause various changes, displacements and innovations.

This will be a favorable week to look for a better job or start a new career.

This week's problems will be a continuation of the unresolved problems from last week. Perhaps a new complication will arise, the fault of which will be mainly yours.

During these seven days, people around you will be ready to help you, so use this favorable opportunity to stabilize yourself.

An unexpected news or conversation this week will give you hope for solving a complex problem.

The week will be interesting for your family affairs, because you will experience some interesting events that you will want to share with your loved ones.

During this week, your new ventures will have a slow development, so be patient.

Something you have forgotten in your past will now suddenly appear in your mind through a dream.

Boys and girls will consider their plans and actions in the new month, which will most likely be related to trips for family reasons or vacations. Many of your decisions this week will be influenced in some way by the words or advice of a relative. You will devote a lot of time to your friendships and will hardly refuse an invitation to meet or get together, whether you have an occasion or not. Be careful what you share in these meetings and protect your personal information from possible publication.

Men will pay more attention to money matters, the income they will receive this week or that they will expect in the new month. For some of you there is a reorganization of family expenses or a search for new sources of income. Commitments related to contracts or agreements that will be important especially for your family and professional affairs are not excluded.

Women will have commitments with other women, which may be related to the organization of any party or event, with various activities related to hobbies or other interests. This week's problems will be a kind of continuation of those that have already happened, which probably need much more time to be resolved. During the week you may be insulted, neglected or accused by a woman with whom you have always had difficulty communicating. The important thing now will be to avoid a direct conflict in it.


During the week, you will benefit from the help or patronage of someone close to you who will help you accomplish an important task for you.

During the week you will be busy preparing for an important event related to a relative.

You will have high expectations for the successful development of your actions, plans and projects.

However, nothing will happen if you do not show the necessary activity and will to bring things to a successful conclusion.

During this week you will have delicate health, so be careful with food, alcohol and anything that can cause you discomfort.

You will experience interesting moments with your friends.

During these seven days you will have to part with a friend or something you love. This week will not only give you joy, but it will also test you in some unpleasant moments, the purpose of which is to show you your mistakes.

Boys and girls will also have more tasks related to education, career and social fulfillment this week. The topics you will work with this week are important and will require you to be more independent, especially at times when they have to do with making important decisions. During the week you will have interesting meetings with people with whom you will discuss your future plans, ask for advice or useful information. Attention will be required in your dealings with young people who may get you into trouble due to their immature behavior.

Men will have an excellent week for active actions related to personal or professional plans. You will be able to receive important information, exchange messages with people from different distances who will help you in one way or another. You can use this week for actions related to financial documents, resolving contractual relationships with individuals or private institutions. During the week you will have an experience or participate in an event related to a close person, most likely from your circle of relatives. Many will be happy with unexpected income, additional to the family budget.

Women will have a favorable week for romantic and intimate experiences, but be careful if you have an extramarital affair. Java will find a way to surprise you with different situations or experiences, which in most cases will be good or favorable for you. You will not lack reasons to be happy, especially if you decide to travel this week or receive guests. The week will favor making important decisions or starting new ventures in your life.