Horoscope for June 20 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for June 20 by Russell Grant


You will choose a leader. There will be some who object to the way the leadership position is decided, but that will not change the outcome. Someone will question your experience or qualifications.


Technology is such a large part of our lives that it is often taken for granted. But when things go wrong, technology will be needed. Issues will not be resolved easily and this will be irritating and frustrating for both business and customers. Whichever side you find yourself on, you'll just have to move on.


You want to be involved in everything that is happening, but this will distract you from your main goals. A little bit of everything is nothing when you look at the bigger picture. You are dissipating your energy too easily. If you are going to achieve anything, you need to take a more organized approach to your goals.

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An elderly relative or colleague seems to be doing their best to undermine your confidence. Turn a deaf ear to their criticisms and refuse to let them intimidate you. People who respect your abilities will give you support when you need it. Are you single? You can find love with someone you've known for years.


A senior colleague needs to see that you are serious about your desire to take on a more responsible role. That is why they are taking more than usual interest in your performance. A dream can become a reality, but you have to be prepared to put it to work.


An argument at work is causing you anxiety. Put some space between you and an unlikable colleague. You want to spend some time reflecting, planning and searching for answers.


Sticking with a course of study until you get to the bottom is important. If you want to get the qualifications you need to progress, you need to stick it out. You're tempted to give up when the going gets tough, but that won't get you anywhere.


Someone will disagree with you on a social network. Talking will lead to a big argument. You may feel like their reactions are causing a lot of unnecessary conflict and drama. You are not offending even though that will be what you are accused of.


Life is getting busier than normal. Despite the busy scene around you, you'll handle most things that pop up with ease. In fact, you'll enjoy the challenge. A travel invitation will be a welcome chance to meet people you haven't seen for a long time.


You are beginning to understand yourself better by helping someone through a difficult time. Try walking, cycling or running to improve your health.


You know all about fighting for the common good, and nothing gives you more satisfaction than supporting a good cause. However, you don't lie easily, and if you have doubts about an organization approaching you for money, look into their history before making a decision.


You're struggling to get past a stuck moment in your creativity. No matter how hard you try, you can't find the ideas you need to continue working. You need to spend some time away. A change of scenery or a different kind of occupation can also stimulate your tired mind.