Horoscope for April 23 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for April 23 by Russell Grant


Someone is holding back from giving their opinion on an important issue. You should know what they are thinking, but there has been a big change in circumstances. They won't say anything until they know exactly what's going on.


In order for people to trust a system, someone has to take responsibility. You will be required to help enforce rules and guidelines. This will be easier if you believe in what you are promoting. As your confidence begins to flow, you will find your voice.


Communicate your desire to make a cherished dream come true. It will be someone who has knowledge, skills or connections that will lead you closer to that goal. People are interested in hearing what you have to say. As a result, you may not get much time for yourself.

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As economic conditions permit, you will spend more money on equipment that will benefit your home and workplace. You're already starting to see a change and it's all because of some tough decisions you've made recently. No doubt they were the right ones.


You will receive an apology. You will no longer have to carry the burden of misunderstandings about the past. However, this apology will not seem so convincing. You will have to investigate it somehow.


Technology is moving very fast. Embracing new techniques will bring improvements in the workplace. Some people will be excluded from an activity and although there will be complaints, it is unlikely that those responsible will change their decisions.


Stick to the original plan of action if you want to get results. If you're starting to doubt your ability to get things done, you can train your mind to be more positive. Use affirmations, for example, to improve your self-esteem.


An early situation needs your response and support. This is something that has never happened before and is unlikely to happen again. You should try to understand how a system actually works before deciding how to respond. Your main goal is to make sure that people who need it get the right support.


A friend or relative wants an honest answer from you. Whether they're asking what you think of their new partner, a new hairstyle or something more personal, they expect a real answer. They rely on you because you are fair in judgment.


You want to fill the hours with tasks and activities that keep you interested and motivated. You are ready to take on more responsibility in the workplace. Ask your boss for more challenging tasks. You should feel that you are making better use of your time.


There are processes to be followed. There are people who need to be informed before agreeing to certain plans. If you're offered a job or assignment that doesn't pay well, there's nothing stopping you from suggesting a higher salary than what was originally offered.


You may feel out of your depth in a situation that requires an alert mind and quick reactions. An eagle-eyed colleague will be quick to point out anything you're missing. Keep looking for the positives and keep your optimistic outlook.