Rama reacts to the Rai 3 television documentary

Rama reacts to the Rai 3 television documentary

Prime Minister Edi Rama has reacted after the documentary published on Rai 3, where the General Secretary of the Council of Ministers Úngjëll Agaçi is attacked and the agreement with immigrants is discussed. Rama denies that Agaçi refused to answer the questions asked by the Rai 3 journalist, explaining that the answers were given at the right time within the required deadline.

Rama's reaction:

My grandmother, who taught me Italian, often told me that to err is human, but to persevere is diabolical. What reminds me now is this other mistake from the show "Report" on RaiTre, whose journalist perseveres sensationally with the same lies already included in the disgusting episode about Albania.

It says that the general secretary of the Presidency of the Albanian Council "proved with facts what we said"!

Unfortunately, in the episode that he futilely defends, not only was there no mention of the written cross-examination of the victim of the brutal attack, but the audience of "Report" was told that Secretary Agaçi refused to answer.

As if this sensational lie was not enough, his journalist appeared the next day on an Albanian television to repeat his surprise at the fact that his questions had never been answered, while as the facts show he had received all the answers in writing and within the deadline he had requested.

Then he himself confirms that "Report" lied when he adds that "in Agac's reply email, he confirms that he was a lawyer for some drug traffickers".

If this is a public service, I'm Federico Fellini. And if for this Public Service program a criminal lawyer from a rule of law, who as a rule does not make a living defending saints, but defending alleged criminals or convicted criminals, should therefore be attacked as if he were a criminal himself, so here to find a similar logic it is inevitable to turn to the memory of Albania when the figure of the defense lawyer was buried by the bloodthirsty communist regime like lepers in the Middle Ages.

And the climax comes, the journalist says, as if he had made a surprising discovery, that Agaçi "confirmed that he has contributed, since he became Rama's legal advisor, to the implementation of the protocol" for immigrants between Italy and Albania, using a little crude logic , as the General Secretary of the Council of Ministers is not my legal advisor, but he has held the most important institutional post in the Public Administration since 2013, while the protocol dates to 2023.

Out of respect for the Public Service and also as an obligation to the dignity of the authors of this very wrong episode of "Report", at the moment I try to believe that anyway all this frenzy to attack Giorgia Meloni at the expense of Albania was not a sin with bad faith towards my country and that even the inclusion of slander from Albania in Italy, (including in the works of the Public Service also the slander against my brother against which he had already filed a complaint and is awaiting the word of justice) happened only as a result of an ease of intolerable being that more and more often nowadays unfortunately conquers the noble power of information and transforms the world of the right to freedom of information into a world of suppression of human freedoms and rights.

Assuring the RaiTre journalist that my grandmother continues to be right even in death, I lovingly advise him to listen to the holy wife and not to dwell on the error of that terrible episode, but simply to close this inglorious page, publishing maybe even this "small contribution" to the health of the Italian Public Service.