He said he was a fan of the Serbian team, Dritan Abazović tries to correct the statement in an interview for Euronews Albania

He said he was a fan of the Serbian team, Dritan Abazović tries to correct the

Dritan Abazovic has tried to explain the reason why he expressed his support for the Serbian team shortly before the match with England.

"I will be in Gelsenkirchen stadium, cheering for Serbia against England. Hopefully it's time for the first big surprise, even a draw and it would be a great result, but why not believe that England can go down”!

This statement by the former Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dritan Abazovic, caused a wave of reactions among Albanians in Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo.

In an interview with Euronews Albania regarding these statements, Abazovic said that he supports all the teams in the region.

"I came to Dortmund to see Albania. I also used the opportunity since we arrived in Germany, we also went to the match between Serbia and England. In the future, we will also be in the match between Croatia and Italy. Just as I came to support Albania, since it supports a peaceful policy, I also have sympathy for other teams in the region. At the moment only Serbia and Croatia are here, but I hope in another championship it will be Montenegro, Bosnia or Kosovo. That is the purpose of that statement," Abazovic said.

Abazovic clarified that he said on Serbian television that he went to Germany to support Albania and stated that in the England-Serbia match, he supports the latter more.

"I said to the state television of Serbia that I came to support Albania, but also against England I have a stronger fan base for Serbia. I wish success to the other teams in this competition," he said.