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Harvard doctor reveals 10 signs that you are not getting enough sleep

Harvard doctor reveals 10 signs that you are not getting enough sleep

By Dr. Amy Shah/ The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends that adults get more than seven hours of sleep each night, but that's not always on everyone's list—and it's easy to feel guilty about it.

But as a Harvard-trained physician, I often remind people that we all have busy lives, so it's not worth stressing about if you can't get a full seven hours every night.

Plus, every person is different. My advice is to let your body tell you how much sleep you need.

The hidden signs that you're not getting enough sleep

If you answered yes to three or more of these 10 statements, then you're probably not getting enough sleep:

1. You need 30 minutes or more to fall asleep before bed.

2. You rarely remember your dreams.

3. You wake up in the morning still feeling tired

4. You feel hungry more often, especially for junk food.

5. You wake up earlier in the morning than you would like.

6. Sometimes you feel sleepy and tired throughout the day.

7. You often wake up one or more times during the night.

8. You often lie awake at night and your mind rushes with worries and other thoughts.

9. Your eyes are puffy or red, or you have dark circles or bags under them in the morning.

10. Your emotions are all over your mind - anger, impulsiveness, anxiety, sadness, and so on.