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How to get rid of negative thoughts and start winning in life!

How to get rid of negative thoughts and start winning in life!
Negative self-talk can lower your self-confidence. Brain expert Judy Ho says that most of the time the things you're stressing about never happen! It's like worrying that a meteor is going to strike when it's actually just raining.

"Sometimes we trick ourselves into thinking that being hard on ourselves will push us to do more," Ho told CNBC Make It. "We convince ourselves that self-criticism is the ultimate motivator.

So how do you break free from the endless cycle of putting yourself down? Here are some tips to keep your head up and your thoughts positive:

Find out your triggers - Identify the situations that make you feel depressed.

Question those thoughts - Once you've figured out what's causing you to be hard on yourself, it's time to ask yourself if those thoughts have any basis.

Find balance in your thoughts - Ho suggests using the "yes ... but..." formula. For example, if you're stressed about all the work you have to do tomorrow and beat yourself up about not being more productive today, try saying to yourself, "Yeah, I didn't get as much done today as I wanted to, but I did get three top items on my to-do list."

Label your feelings as "thoughts" - Sometimes we need to give our brains a little reality check. When you're caught up in your head, thinking about all the things that could go wrong, take a step back and label those thoughts as thoughts.

Tell yourself: I just have the opinion and it doesn't have to be true.