3 signs that will start the week with some difficulty

3 signs that will start the week with some difficulty

The new week, the second of November, has started today and predicts difficulties for 3 of the horoscope signs.


This is the week where you suddenly feel like you do not belong to this world. As if the world is moving at a pace you do not know if you can cope with or agree with. You will experience a sense of loss as if something is leaving you and you do not like it. This week makes you realize that you are still learning and that you want to move at your own pace; you want to live life on your own terms.


What will really upset you this week is that you had planned fun and joy for these days, and it seems like none of your plans will come true. Have zero tolerance for friends' excuses. We would be rude to them.


What will feel overwhelming for you this week is loneliness. You do not like to feel lonely and if you are left alone for a long time, you sink into despair. Something happened between you and a friend that left you with a bitter taste. You do not know how to deal with this feeling. You understand that this will not last forever, but hard to accept anyway.