4 mistakes Aquarius makes in a relationship

4 mistakes Aquarius makes in a relationship

Being a fixed sign, Aquarius is usually ready to engage, stay committed to relationships and leave space for their partners. The typical Aquarius is looking for a friend with whom they can share their experiences. But often they value taking time and space for themselves. Any small disagreement in a relationship can quickly escalate into a heated debate.

4 mistakes Aquarius makes in a relationship:

1. Seems emotionally isolated

Aquarius wants to spend their time just moving away from reality and thinking. Because their minds are constantly elsewhere, learning to stay in one place at the moment is an important challenge for them. Because of this quality, their partner may consider them emotionless and restrained.

2. Establishing friendship over love

Friendship is more important to Aquarius than love and passion. In this way they need an understanding partner who accepts them as they are. Being a social sign, they are more likely to get involved in community activities and social groups in general. However, sometimes they fail to strike a balance between their social life and love.

3. Applying logic to love

It is not uncommon for someone meeting an Aquarius to feel like they are meeting a rock without emotions. This does not mean that they do not really love you. They are just very logical and emotions make them uncomfortable. They begin to find a logical solution to every problem.

4. Always thinking hard about the future

These people pay close attention to what will happen in the near future. Aquarius has a tendency to focus on what is to come, and become obsessed with the future.