4 zodiac signs that are emotionally weak

4 zodiac signs that are emotionally weak

While some people can easily manage the ups and downs of life and don't even panic, no matter how difficult the situation gets, some others are quite unstable and can be shaken by even the smallest things.
Here are the 4 zodiac signs that are emotionally weak:


Gemini may seem strong at first glance, but this is not entirely true. Their confidence can be shattered very quickly, especially when they are targeted by the person closest to them. Due to their emotional instability, they overthink things that have happened to them and therefore end up making rash decisions.


Scorpios become vulnerable when they start in a relationship. These beings are empathetic, open their hearts easily and believe in passionate love that often makes them weak.

The crab

Cancers are known as the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. Being ruled by water, they love and trust wholeheartedly, which often leaves them heartbroken.


Also known as the empathetic, imaginative and mystical sign of the zodiac, Pisces have the potential to sense the emotional problems of others and can be easily hurt. When it comes to emotions, Pisces are extremely weak and therefore want to create only deep and intense relationships.