Men of these zodiac signs are toxic and controlling 

Men of these zodiac signs are toxic and controlling

According to astrology, here are the 4 zodiac signs that tend to become toxic and controlling:


Men of this zodiac sign are challenging and interesting at the same time. However, they have a selfish side where they can often make you cry. They always want to have what they want and your opinion ultimately doesn't matter to them because they don't like anyone interfering. They tend to keep their sensitive side hidden and can definitely turn into one of those cold, cruel men who keep insulting or hurting you.


Taurus men are very territorial. They portray themselves as kind and patient, but have a strong manipulative and domineering side. They can become very insecure and this makes them want to control everything.


Gemini has a friendly and flexible side, but their duality brings out a scary mask that can make you feel like you're the worst person in the world. When angry, Gemini becomes super possessive.