Weekly horoscope Aries - Taurus

Weekly horoscope Aries - Taurus


During the week of February 19 to 25, try to direct energy and attention to your home. During this week you will be able to do beautiful things for your home or for a property you own.

This will be a favorable week for both buying and selling items or property that you do not use.

Trips this week are likely to be for a variety of reasons, but they will always be accompanied by special or interesting contacts with people near and far.

Use the favorable trends of this week to make at least one important decision for your life and for a change that will affect you for the better. Such action on your part may affect your work or social life, especially if you have any public appearances.

To achieve sure success during the week, you will need to think carefully about your actions and decisions, because they will have long-term consequences in your life.

In general, the week will favor your professional commitments.

This will be a favorable time to start a new job or a new business.

Problems during the week will quickly find their solution, because now you will see more clearly both the problem and the way to end it.

During the week, do not refuse help if someone asks you.

Boys and girls will have to start a more serious adaptation to a new way of life. Let go of your plans and ideas, relationships or dreams that don't work. Adapt to the new times in which you are currently living. You are ready to achieve important successes during these seven days, but only if you have your feet firmly on the ground and are aware of your real possibilities. Be careful in relationships with people with whom you will have some contradictions.

Men will have to make plans day by day, as changes in your life will happen every day and will affect your family or work. You will need to leave some of your assignments for next week or ask for help to complete them. You will find it difficult to pass the moments of tension. It will be easier for you to find fault with others than to understand your own inability to react properly in the given situation.

Women will face a series of unexpected situations that will require decision-making in the moment. Somewhat serious tasks related to documents, contracts and various types of papers await you. Do not take any action you take regarding your signature on any document lightly! This is especially true for actions related to certain assets, items, properties.


During the week of February 19 to 25, you will find it difficult to implement your plans and this will create moments of worry almost every day.

The health of a child or young person in your family will require attention.

During the week there is a risk of getting involved in an unpleasant intrigue or rumor.

During these seven days avoid any cunning or manipulative actions, as well as people known for such things.

The week will be unfavorable for judicial or legal matters, as their development will hardly depend on you.

During the week, avoid giving personal items for short-term or long-term use to other people, even if they are your relatives.

Keep your personal belongings, phone or documents safe from theft or loss in public places.

This week may delight you with news or a document of a financial nature, the development of which may come in the coming weeks or months.

Boys and girls will decide that this week they should leave more time for love. Perhaps this is true, but in no case should it be at the expense of your family obligations or family financial resources. Avoid stealthy actions. The week brings some family events related to relatives who do not live in your home.

Men can act very naively and emotionally this week, which in some cases can turn out to be the right approach to a situation or problem. During these seven days, many will rejoice over a news or experience related to a baby or a child. This week is unlikely to surprise you with anything and in general your attention will be focused on your routine tasks.

The behavior of women during this week can be characterized by the words: 'they are here with their bodies, but their minds are somewhere else'. Sometimes, this can cause anger, or disapproval from those around you. More homework awaits you, but at the end of it, the tension will be less compared to the tension in your work or business.