Weekly horoscope Aries - Taurus

Weekly horoscope Aries - Taurus


During the week, various meeting occasions will arise and you may also experience various pleasant emotions in your home.

Be careful what relatives share with you.

Do not allow such information to become public and be accused of intrigue or other unpleasant actions.

In families where there is infidelity, some turbulent situations will be created this week, which will severely shake the relationship between partners.

During the week there will be news that will concern you, will be related to people you know or are from your circle of relatives.

The good thing about this week's events is that despite the complexity and stress they bring to your life, they will have the opportunity to find their happy ending one way or another.

Everything will probably depend on your personal ability to really see each event, looking for the best and simplest solution to them.

Boys and girls will go through a week in which they will often have a bad mood, low self-confidence, reluctance to engage in serious tasks or other depressive states. Some of these things may be related to actions towards you by unknown, malicious or hypocritical people. Some of your friends or colleagues will definitely manage to disappoint you with something. Despite these unfavorable tendencies, you will be willing to communicate with people from different distances who may be your friends or people with whom you have some interests or hobbies in common.

Men will have a more relaxed week, with light tasks, which will free up space for pleasant activities or meetings with friends. Relationships with former classmates, colleagues or relatives will be particularly emotionally taxing. Your health will be unstable, which will require you to be careful with the use of alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. More serious could be the health problem of your relative or close friend who will struggle with a serious illness.

Women this week will have to pay more attention to their children or younger relatives. It is possible that they need your help or advice in an uncertain and difficult period for them. During the week, your attention will be involved by an event in the life of a close person. During these seven days, you will have more meetings (planned or unexpected).


During the week you will have unexpected meetings, or a visit to your home.

If you are involved in a court or legal case, the week warns of unexpected changes related to its development.

During this week, you will be asked to deal more practically with the financial means available in your budget and avoid any risk related to money.

This week there will be something to please you and in most cases good events will be related to your personal life.

The presence of a person with whom you have not met for a long time will bring special liveliness to your everyday life.

During these seven days you will have interesting conversations about your future with people with whom you will move forward.

Boys and girls will look for possible sources of income, whether in connection with a permanent or part-time job, with a short-term commitment and others. This will be an important week for those of you who have any documents or contractual relationships to establish. The slow development of major events this week should not make you nervous or cause you to fear that things will not go well. Accept that sometimes events are slow to develop because their success depends on other factors outside of your control.

Men will have a lot of work to do and will have to spend these seven days responsibly with any duties or commitments of this nature. Your commitment to work will be great. Small but urgent repairs or changes to your home environment are likely to occur. During this week you will have an interesting or special experience with a girl or a young woman.

Women will have different experiences related to travel, plans or people from different distances, including those abroad. Such movement or more dynamic communication in your life will have a pleasant effect on you and especially on your mood. Remember, this is a very strong week and make the most of these favorable trends. Success is possible, but the effort must be yours.