Weekly horoscope Aries - Taurus

Weekly horoscope Aries - Taurus


During the week of June 10 - 16, you will be overwhelmed by very strong and deep feelings. An experience during these seven days or an event may trigger a memory or emotion buried deep in your subconscious. These feelings and emotions can overwhelm you so much that you have difficulty concentrating on your daily tasks.

Dreams, visions, or intuitive knowledge can profoundly affect your mood.

During the week you will be burdened by various problems and troubles at work. They are not new, but during these seven days they may have a new development and provoke in you a desire to change your workplace and look for a new career.

Engagements with government representatives, banks, tax and other institutions will be complex in terms of development.

This week you may have commitments related to a family member.

This will be a favorable time for conversations or actions related to cohabitation or marriage.

During the week, there will be a tension in your relationship with a friend who will decide that he has the right to give you advice.

In a romantic plan, manifestations of jealousy, attempts to command the situation may occur.

During the week, take care of the health of a child or young person, both from your family and from the circle of relatives.

Boys and girls will have to be very careful in their actions during these seven days. You may accidentally get into a dangerous situation, or face great danger, as a result of your reckless behavior. A lot of attention will require your monetary expenses and your financial actions, regardless of what they are related to. Emotionally, you will wander between unfulfilled desires or a lack of reciprocity in love.

Men will plan some joint activities or meetings with friends, which will not only be for fun or pleasant relaxation, but will also have a specific and productive purpose. During the week there will be a reason for a conversation with a woman. During this week, you will be expected to play a supportive or mentoring role in the life of a son or young man.

Women will have an expectation this week of one or start a new way of life. To what extent this expectation of yours will be realized will depend on your preparation, ambition and desire to make such a change in your life.


During the week, the transit of the Moon with Jupiter will bring luck, generosity and optimism. The ease in sharing the feelings you experience, plus your intuition, will reflect very well in your contacts and relationships.

Your new friendships are likely to be with honest or influential people who will be important to your future successes. This will be a favorable week to expand your horizons through education and travel.

During these seven days you will have more expenses, which will be more for someone else in your family than for you personally.

During these seven days, the burden on your family will be greater.

It seems that your whole family will now need more rest and at the same time, the dynamics of events will require speed in actions and not postponing tasks.

During these seven days you will have professional meetings.

In your workplace you will receive unexpected support from a woman or you will receive job offers, which will come from a woman.

Boys and girls will have a very emotional experience with a person from their circle of friends, who will cause with their behavior or comments a very strong disappointment on your part. You will have a hard time making a decision about the future of your relationship and will most likely rely on your intuition. This week you have a meeting or gathering ahead of you, for which there is not necessarily a special occasion. During this week, attention will be required for the health of the minor representatives of this horoscope sign, who will be easily vulnerable to colds, infections or other diseases.

Men will have enough tasks related to tidying, care, repairs or other household problems. Many will rely on you, while you will only be able to rely on yourself. This week you will have an important conversation or make an important decision regarding a person you have recently met.

Women will be prematurely happy about something that will turn out to be false, unverified information or have other unpleasant consequences. The successes you will achieve this week will be a natural result of your efforts that you have already invested in various activities. New opportunities may also appear, but mostly they will be related to short-term activities or engagements.