Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope

Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope


During the week of June 10 - 16, the transit of Mars to the square of Pluto will give a lot of energy, but it can be a source of trouble for you who suffer from tension. Any gynecological disease in women will require attention. In general, the week does not exclude the sudden appearance of a health problem.

Of course, during this week you will also have occasions to rejoice or feel satisfaction from an achieved success or a completed commitment.

The favorable trends of the week will greatly affect your personal relationships.

During this week, do not burden your loved ones with many tasks and do not ask too much of them, as this may cause an unwanted reaction from their side. It is possible that their energy is at a low level and they need rest and recovery.

In the financial plan, be prudent in spending on household items.

The week brings a meeting with a person from your past, such as a former classmate, colleague, neighbor or other person and this can also happen through social networks.

During this week you will be surprised by news related to a health problem of a person you know.

Boys and girls will have a conversation or meeting with a woman with whom some moments of education, career or other important activities will be discussed. Some events will manage to surprise you during these seven days, but will rather bring you disappointment or sadness than the other way around. Of course, you will have occasion for joy and fun, but they will be like a small blessing of your fate. It is possible to achieve serious or important successes this week, which are related to progress in your education or career.

Men will have to admit openly and proudly the problems that will arise during these seven days. In no case do not allow tricks, manipulations or attempts to shift the blame to someone else. The week brings concerns about a man's health. This will be a favorable time for actions related to a child, something that will be important to you personally. There may be tension in your family relationships due to jealousy, lack of trust or offense from your partner's behavior.

Women will have interesting contacts or joint activities with people from different distances. During this week, the words, decisions or actions of a close person may surprise you or make you think more seriously. This week is unlikely to be marked by any major progress in your life, as your main actions will be related to commitments and plans already started. The cool thing about these seven days is that you will have a much more active social life.


At the beginning of the week of June 10 - 16, various qualities of your character will pass complex tests. Unfavorable transit of the Sun and Saturn can be the cause of your bad mood or depressive, pessimistic states. Various obstacles or limitations will stop you from fulfilling your duties and responsibilities.

During the week, your attention will be focused on the development of events in the lives of people from your circle of relatives or friends.

During the week, many will be happy with the money they will receive from various sources, including other family members.

Business relations or work related to women will have good development.

During this week, some of your important tasks and their development will depend on the actions of a person who lives or works in another populated place.

In your love life, do not allow complications in your relationship. Now you can calm down your relationship very easily. Some of you may even cause a breakup.

During this week you will have to rethink your professional or business plans. The goal of a possible reorganization may be to achieve better implementation and efficiency.

During the week, many will experience an unpleasant event or incident of a different nature.

You will have an urgent conversation with a person who will want to achieve success with your help.

During this week you will have a favorable time for purchases related to a change in your home.

Girls and boys will spend a week in which they will have to take care of their health or that of a loved one. Concerns may arise about events that have a negative impact on your mood, plans or lifestyle. During this week, sharing or rejecting your plans and goals is not excluded. These actions will turn out to be some of the few things you have done for your own good.

Men will plan and carry out various meetings, and perhaps attend some gathering or social event. A very important influence in your life this week will come from people with whom you have common interests or a cause. Interesting situations will arise in your work, which in some cases can increase your income, please you with a bonus or other unexpected experiences favorable to you.

Women will do well to do as much work as possible in their homes themselves. Your willingness to rely on someone else to help you with household chores can cause you more problems. During this week, you will enjoy inviting guests to your home or simply gathering with friends. During the week, be careful and beware of other people's attempts to manipulate, lie or belittle you in any way.