Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope

Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope


During the week of June 17-23, there is a possibility that you will be disappointed by the insincerity or malice of the people with whom you will have contact during these seven days.

There is a chance that you will become a target of fraud or someone will try to take advantage of you for a selfish purpose.

During the week you will have a commitment related to a close person, who will ask you to be more proactive in its implementation.

This week, the tension in your daily life will be high, so plan your daily tasks well.

Unexpected situations will arise related to various events with people near and far.

You will be emotionally unstable and easily vulnerable to other people's words or actions. Sometimes you will feel tired or sad, pessimistic or melancholy.

Like every week, there will be no shortage of surprises that can confuse or scare you for no reason.

During these seven days you will have opportunities for interesting meetings or trips.

Some of you will be excited about a new business idea or career change opportunity.

In general, this week you will have to show greater professionalism in your work. Don't allow confrontation with the people you work with!

Boys and girls will spend a relatively quiet and slow week. In your love life, avoid confrontations, imposing your opinion or desires, because conflict with your partner can have unexpected consequences for you. Short but responsible tasks will await you in your family or home.

Men will spend a week in which they will have to make an important decision regarding travel. Others may undertake one, but it will hardly be just for rest and fun. Financially, this period will require much greater attention, as there is a risk of losing money. Some of you may enjoy an inheritance or have commitments to one, but generally these will be rare cases. During this week, you may part with a person from your friendly environment, and the reasons for this will be very different.

Women will deal with documents and all kinds of documents. This may be a tedious task, but it will be important for your financial stability and to get your financial affairs in order. You can expect all kinds of surprises in your work or business, but in most cases they will do you good and bring you luck or open up new opportunities for progress and advancement. It will be very important for you during these seven days to avoid trying to lie, deceive or manipulate other people, regardless of your true or good intentions.


At the beginning of the week of June 17 - 23, Venus can make you insecure about your feelings, desires and intentions. You will tend to avoid reality and live with some other ideas about what is happening in your life.

During the week, avoid planning your actions in advance, as various unexpected events will occur.

In most cases you will have some expectations and other things that are beyond your control will happen in your daily life.

This does not mean that difficulties or complex problems await you, but you should accept the natural development of events during these seven days.

During these seven days, avoid lending or asking for money. Try to solve your own financial problems, if you are involved in them.

During this week you will have to carry out your professional tasks with much more care, because you may make an unpleasant mistake due to distraction or haste.

This will make you look bad in front of a manager or in front of customers and may even be a reason for a serious conversation, payment of a fine, punishment and others.

During the week, pleasant surprises will be connected with your family and relatives, who will find a way to cheer you up at important moments for you.

Boys and girls will have an opportunity for fun, relaxation, meetings and pleasant experiences with peers or friends. Some of you may have good income during the week. During these seven days, you will have a favorable time to sign or receive an important document or contract, which may be important not only for you, but also for your entire family.

Men would do well to carefully consider their words in an important conversation. Solving some problems should be your priority. A conflict can take you by surprise because everything will develop very quickly. Attempts by a close woman to control your actions or decisions can make you strongly oppose her. The week will be favorable for travel, but mostly for recreation or entertainment.

Women will have many more tasks this week and the workload will be evident. You may have an interesting or useful conversation with a colleague, supervisor or client. In search of new knowledge or skills, you may receive unexpected or very useful help from different people. This will be a favorable week for resolving various financial issues or agreements.