Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio

Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio


During the week you will have to plan very carefully how you will fulfill your tasks or commitments. In this way, you will be protected from a situation where you have to make difficult decisions, or experience some obstacles.

Carefully evaluate the information or conversations you will have with colleagues, clients or other public figures to avoid various manipulations or tricks.

During this week you will have tasks related to documents of a financial nature or related to your family's wealth.

Difficulties or unexpected circumstances are unlikely to arise around these commitments of yours.

During the week, you will find it more difficult to communicate with people who may be members of your family, or those with whom you work (study) together.

During the week it will be good to properly organize your tasks. Let go of those that have no real prospect of fulfillment and focus on those that are likely to bring you success during these seven days or in the near future.

Boys and girls will spend a week where they will easily lose most of their time in meetings and fun with friends. You will hardly remember this week with any important events, but you will not miss emotional experiences. It will be important not to be discouraged, not to allow depressing thoughts and to prepare emotionally and mentally for the best moments.

Men with greater efforts and a lot of work will be able to achieve real positive results during these seven days. Most of your actions during the week may be related to unfinished commitments from the previous week, or due to the appearance of unexpected circumstances that will arise during these seven days. This period of stagnation will be short, after which there will be a more rapid movement of the affairs with which you are engaged. Very often you will need to rely on other people for help, or advice. At the end of the week, looking back, you will see that something good has happened in your life, to which you initially did not pay due attention, focusing your thoughts in a completely different direction.

Women will have a favorable week for travel, but mostly short distances. You can make new contacts with people who live abroad, but you will definitely be reserved with them at first. People with whom you have social contacts may create some tension for you, or you may receive unpleasant news about them. The week will require more attention for you because during this period you will be involved in some way with inheritance issues.


During the week of April 15 - 21, you will have important conversations or an urgent engagement with a loved one regarding properties.

During these seven days, there is a possibility of theft or loss of an object, document or personal information, which may bring you unpleasant emotions.

During the week, you may have concerns about the health of a person from home or close family circle, who in some cases may require hospital treatment or consultation with a doctor.

You will often be affected by sad or negative emotions, which will make you upset and easily cause conflicts with people at home or at work.

Try to control such emotions, avoid giving in to external suggestions, regardless of whether such information comes from television, newspapers or conversations with friends.

This week will favor the development of your ideas or commitments of a financial nature, which may require contacts or visits to a bank or other special institution.

Boys and girls will spend this week waiting for special experiences, important changes or meetings. You will be much more enthusiastic in your efforts to develop a romantic relationship in the direction you desire. You will have a much more active social life this week, which will be a reason to attend more meetings or gatherings on different occasions. You will want to look your best, which will make you shop for your personal wardrobe or spend more time on your appearance.

Men will wander in their thoughts in different directions, unsure of what they want or what they can do. Your mood will also be changeable and you yourself will hardly control it even when you realize that there is no reason to be sad, depressed and with negative thoughts. An unpleasant news can be the cause of such an unstable mood.

Women will experience some challenges during the week regarding conversations, meetings or contacts with people who want to listen mostly to themselves and less to what others say. Such narcissists will test your patience, be they relatives, friends, colleagues. Your financial affairs will have a good development, especially if you work in the field of any business or are in the process of searching for new sources of income. This will be a favorable week for reaching financial agreements, obtaining loans or money that you have already earned with some activity.