Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio

Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio


During the week of June 10 - 16, various events related to children/youth will attract your attention.

The week will delight or surprise many of you with news or events related to the development of a pregnancy or the birth of a child.

During this week, try to be as honest as possible, avoid lies and manipulations. Such actions on your part will cause negative reactions from people around you.

During the week you will meet new people in your daily life through real contacts or through online communication in social networks.

During the week you will have to solve some unpleasant situations. Avoid panic or fear as everyone will have a solution. Everything will be a matter of time and patience on your part.

During these seven days, rash actions on your part can create various complications for you.

The week will be favorable for travel and contacts with people from different settlements.

This will be a favorable week for relocation. In most cases it will be for family reasons.

During the week, many will experience a family event that will bring more people together in one place.

Guys and girls will remember this week with various date invitations, dating suggestions and generally a more active social life. Your communication will not be limited to the environment where you live, study or work, but will also cover contacts with people from other cities or countries. This week you will have to make some important decisions regarding financial stability, securing a regular income, increasing your salary or finding a well-paid part-time job.

Men will have different travel experiences that may take them by surprise or put them off. Your communication with people from different distances will be quite complicated and sometimes problematic. During this week, you will have greater difficulties in communicating with people who are your neighbors, tenants or landlords. It is possible that these people will offend, annoy or denigrate you. In financial terms, the week brings good opportunities for the conclusion of profitable contracts, the drafting of important documents, as well as the favorable development of a joint activity.

Women may be surprised by the appearance of a person in their life through an unexpected new acquaintance, or someone who will appear again, like an old friend or acquaintance from your past. During this week you will realize at least one change related to some kind of separation, the end of a relationship, a work contract or another important commitment. During this week you can plan some actions related to your health, therapy, dental treatment and other procedures.


During the week of June 10 - 16, a more serious attitude and self-restraint will be required of you when talking to people with whom you will discuss important issues.

Any attempt at joking or levity on your part will be inappropriate.

In general, these seven days will be a dynamic time, with greater speed in the development of events that will take place and that will depend on the actions of a large group of people. Therefore, any twist is possible.

It is important to know that this is a special and important time for you and to accept each event as a necessary experience.

During the week, actions related to buying a new home or property, moving out of the home you currently live in, or other actions related to inherited property you own may be discussed.

Some changes that will happen in your home or with your relatives may leave you unprepared for such events, but they will also have their purpose and reason.

Your love life will be interesting to the extent that it will give you the opportunity to make some important decisions or change something in your relationship.

Boys and girls born under the sign of Scorpio this week will face some financial problems, concerns and the need to make an expense for which they will not have enough resources. It is possible to rely on the help of close people.

Men will have various meetings, mainly of a professional nature. It is possible to meet people with whom you will have a job or activity in common. The week will be favorable for traveling together with a woman. During these seven days, you will have favorable opportunities to earn more money, achieve good results in your financial affairs or conclude a contract that is beneficial to you.

Women will be able to finish work and commitments already started, and in an unexpected, favorable and successful way. During the week, problems related to the health of a close person may appear. This will be an unfavorable week for actions related to a legal or judicial institution, if you cannot postpone them. You will rely on something specific and important to you about a close person. In general, the week brings you satisfaction from the successes and results achieved, as well as pleasant experiences with loved ones or people important to you.